Open Up Your Throat

At the request of one, I begin to write anew.

In reading over my blog posts from 2005-2007, I found many to be rather interesting and a great insight into the construct of my life. The overall focus being changes; graduating, moving, and acclimating to a new city and job was for the most part the gist of it. But in resurrecting the blog, what will the new focus be? I suppose, taking queue from my interests, it should be about food & music, museums & art for starters.

With that, I'd like to end things with Animal Collective:

Hands down, my favorite album this year is Merriweather Post Pavillion by Animal Collective. I'll post a more comprehensive list toward the end of the year, but this band definitely deserves a post unto their own. Having been out since January, Merriweather got a jump on being my favorite album this year.

What starts off with a layering of guttural vocals and noise quickly folds into melody and the dreamlike vocals that carry throughout the entire album. Adding to the hypnagogic qualities are lyrics like "couldn't stop that spinning force I felt in me. Everything around seemed to giggle glee" in the opener In the Flowers. Each song subsequently builds on the themes woven through the album. Daily life, love life, decompressing from that life, and grieving the loss of life (My Girls and Brother Sport both reference a father's passing) and the finished piece shows men reaching their 30s well on their way to maturity.

There is no doubt that this album is a love letter for the simple life in the City, but fundamentally the message is the same as what we are all looking for regardless of location: a safe place to live and someone to love.

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