Friday Fives

Top Five Food Posts of the Week
  1. UF v. LSU Gator Roast. FYI, Gators won 13-3
  2. Top Chef Season 5 Contestant Fabio Viviani Got Fired 
  3. Roasted Cauliflower and Potato Soup with Rosemary
  4. Heirloom Christmas Lima Beans
  5. Cook's Illustrated v. Food Blogs. FYI, Food Blogs won

Top Five Music Posts of the Week
  1. Laura Veirs Releases Her 7th Album in January
  2. Animal Collective Releases an EP Next Month
  3. Sufjan Stevens Continues His Whoa-Is-Me Crisis
  4. Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor Readies Us for His Solo Cant
  5. Flaming Lips Play Conan

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