Opinions on New Music

After a few days listen (which, being so busy, hasn't been too much):

Arcade Fire, Neon Bible - another amazing AF CD.
Peter Bjorn & John, Writer's Block - I am really liking it. More so than I thought I would. It is catchy and good.
Chk Chk Chk - Catchy pop...still needing a good listen.
Bloc Party, Weekend in the City - not into it yet, doesnt sound as good as the first CD at first listen. still needing a good listen.
Bright Eyes, Four Winds EP - Sounds good, so far, again, still needing a good listen, but I really like Stray Dog Freedom, so far.

Since I received quite a bit of gift certificatry at the itunes store, please pass on suggestions!! I am awaiting my new laptop arrival and am going to go on a downloading frenzy when she comes. She needs a name. I am leaning towards "Mother Jones." What do you think?

Opinions on the new AIR cd?

Things I am passing on:
The Shins, Whincing the Night Away - I only liked one song from their last album.
The Good, The Bad, and the Queen - all the hype killed it for me.

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