Last Friday Night

Kathy Griffin at Carnegie Hall was awesome.

Coffee and french toast being made for me the next morning was spectacular.

From My Trip Home: w/ The Wretched Angel

Dude! My head looks so lumpy.

Reflections of a Sick Man

So, I am sick. Nasal and chest congestion. I am sitting on the sofa today watching movies. Right now, it is Little Miss Sunshine. Earlier it was Newsies. As I sit here and obsess over my Netflix queue, read your blogs, and eat some chicken soup, I am cache-ing a few thoughts:

  • Am I the only one who thought Children of Men was dogcrap?

Ok, I guess it was just one thought. Possibly more later...

A Picture 12:2006

Glad y'all liked the mix CD:

Here is the (annotated) track listing of the CD I sent out over the holidays and my iMix additions:
  1. When No One Cares/Junior Boys - This Frank Sinatra cover rocks my socks.
  2. Aqueous Transmission/Incubus - A select track from the best mix CD I've ever received, The Crunchy Granola, Meat is Murder Mix Just For James. I might not talk to the person who made this for me, but I still listen to it!
  3. Indian Stomp/Cyrus (Random Trio) - The Children Of Men soundtrack is so much better than the actual movie.
  4. Numbers/Kraftwerk - This track reminds me that while I was learning German, I used to count (and often still do) in German as I walked up and down the stairs (eins, zwei, drei...).
  5. Citizens Of Tomorrow/Tokyo Police Club
  6. Like a Pen (Extended Club Mix)/The Knife - The Knife is my favorite band of present. The album Silent Shout is the best album of 2006.
  7. Eavesdropping/Grizzly Bear - Also a favorite band of 2006. This track is off the Horn of Plenty Remixes.
  8. Rabbit In Your Headlights (Feat. Thom Yorke)/UNKLE - Also from the famed mix CD The Crunchy Granola, Meat is Murder Mix Just For James.
  9. I Don't Blame You/Cat Power - "You were swingin' your guitar around" is a damned sexy lyric.
  10. Head Over Heels/Samamidon - I like covers.
  11. Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground/Nina Persson - I love covers. I love the White Stripes. I love Nina Persson and The Cardigans. This track is from the Om Gud Vill soundtrack, in which Nina stars.
  12. You Make Me Like Charity/The Knife - From the Deep Cuts album.
  13. Special Effect (Black Light Mix)/TRS-80
  14. When I Hear Music/Debbie Deb
  15. Human After All/Daft Punk
  16. Girl and the Sea/The Presets
  17. Subtronic/DeVision
  18. In the Morning/Junior Boys
  19. Backward/Kode9 And The Spaceape - Also from the Children Of Men soundtrack.
  20. Five/Lamb
  21. Gold Lion/Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  22. Gymnopedie 0.1/PINE*am
  23. We Share Our Mothers' Health (Ratatat Remix)/The Knife
  24. Gone/M83
  25. Owner Of A Lonely Heart/Grizzly Bear
  26. Thermometer/Gold Birds
  27. I Thought You Were My Boyfriend/The Magnetic Fields
  28. Still Your Ghost/Rondo Brothers
  29. This Is the Way/Devendra Banhart
  30. The Dress Looks Nice On You/Sufjan Stevens
  31. Ruby Tuesday/Franco Battiato - Also from the Children Of Men soundtrack.