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Losing my Vegetarianity

To understand my life now, I have to take things back to November of last year. maybe even earlier. You see, I had been contemplating eating meet since I moved to New York City and November 2006 is when I succumbed to the carnivorous beast.

I moved to NYC in the summer of 2005, and although my diet had drastically changed while in architecture school, it made an even more significant change when I arrived here. I just couldn't afford to eat a balanced, healthy diet like I had been accustomed to. But, I was very much psychologically inclined to be a vegetarian, still.

It took me about a year to get over those psychological barriers. I went home to Florida at the beginning of November and I told my Mom that I was thinking of eating chicken and/or turkey. During our trip to the grocery store, she paraded me up and down the meat aisle as she chose meal items for the week. At the end, she asked if I wanted her to get some chicken to make for me while I was visiting. Feeling a bit quesy from the meat aisle, I declined.

Next up: James returns to NYC and eats meat!

Jen's Blog Post From Today

Opinions on New Music

After a few days listen (which, being so busy, hasn't been too much):

Arcade Fire, Neon Bible - another amazing AF CD.
Peter Bjorn & John, Writer's Block - I am really liking it. More so than I thought I would. It is catchy and good.
Chk Chk Chk - Catchy pop...still needing a good listen.
Bloc Party, Weekend in the City - not into it yet, doesnt sound as good as the first CD at first listen. still needing a good listen.
Bright Eyes, Four Winds EP - Sounds good, so far, again, still needing a good listen, but I really like Stray Dog Freedom, so far.

Since I received quite a bit of gift certificatry at the itunes store, please pass on suggestions!! I am awaiting my new laptop arrival and am going to go on a downloading frenzy when she comes. She needs a name. I am leaning towards "Mother Jones." What do you think?

Opinions on the new AIR cd?

Things I am passing on:
The Shins, Whincing the Night Away - I only liked one song from their last album.
The Good, The Bad, and the Queen - all the hype killed it for me.

Donde Estas L'Chaim?

It's the day before my birthday! I've been absent from the blog scene for several reasons.

  1. Boyfriend and Sex takes priority over blogging.
  2. My Grandmother died.

I volunteered at GLAAD today and then I went on a music shopping spree. Here are my purchases now uploading to the jdPod:

Neon Bible by Arcade Fire
Writer's Block by Peter Bjorn and John
Myth Takes by Chk Chk Chk
A Weekend in the City by Bloc Party

Friend Marli sent me some iTunes gift monies, too, so I will have fun spending that.

Bad New Bears, though, My beloved laptop is on death's door and a new one is on the way to replace her. It is a miracle I am using the old girl, now. I do need to keep it short and sassy though, so I have enough life left to get all my files off when the new one comes.

A Week End and a Weekend

As you should very well know by now, my days off are Wednesdays and Thursdays. That makes Tuesday my Fridays, Wednesdays Saturdays, and Thursday into lazy Sundays.

My Friday night, I met my boyfriend (yes, Boyfriend.) and his boss-lady at China Grill for some grub and drinks. A bottle of white, a bottle of red, 2 bottles of champagne and 4 salad plates split-between-the-3-of-us later we were sufficiently toasted.

Wednesday, of course, was Valentine's Day...Indian food and some sweet lovin' ...

Today, I shoveled snow for the first time in my life. SNOW SHOVLAH!

This weekend, I skip work and the BF and I go up to the Catskills. First time in the Catskills.
Dear Jen,

I ate the rest of your Haagen-Dazs chocolate chocolate chip.

It was YUM!

Hoot misses you.

Come back to NYC soon!

<3 jamesdamian

Last Friday Night

Kathy Griffin at Carnegie Hall was awesome.

Coffee and french toast being made for me the next morning was spectacular.

Reflections of a Sick Man

So, I am sick. Nasal and chest congestion. I am sitting on the sofa today watching movies. Right now, it is Little Miss Sunshine. Earlier it was Newsies. As I sit here and obsess over my Netflix queue, read your blogs, and eat some chicken soup, I am cache-ing a few thoughts:

  • Am I the only one who thought Children of Men was dogcrap?

Ok, I guess it was just one thought. Possibly more later...

A Picture 12:2006

Glad y'all liked the mix CD:

Here is the (annotated) track listing of the CD I sent out over the holidays and my iMix additions:
  1. When No One Cares/Junior Boys - This Frank Sinatra cover rocks my socks.
  2. Aqueous Transmission/Incubus - A select track from the best mix CD I've ever received, The Crunchy Granola, Meat is Murder Mix Just For James. I might not talk to the person who made this for me, but I still listen to it!
  3. Indian Stomp/Cyrus (Random Trio) - The Children Of Men soundtrack is so much better than the actual movie.
  4. Numbers/Kraftwerk - This track reminds me that while I was learning German, I used to count (and often still do) in German as I walked up and down the stairs (eins, zwei, drei...).
  5. Citizens Of Tomorrow/Tokyo Police Club
  6. Like a Pen (Extended Club Mix)/The Knife - The Knife is my favorite band of present. The album Silent Shout is the best album of 2006.
  7. Eavesdropping/Grizzly Bear - Also a favorite band of 2006. This track is off the Horn of Plenty Remixes.
  8. Rabbit In Your Headlights (Feat. Thom Yorke)/UNKLE - Also from the famed mix CD The Crunchy Granola, Meat is Murder Mix Just For James.
  9. I Don't Blame You/Cat Power - "You were swingin' your guitar around" is a damned sexy lyric.
  10. Head Over Heels/Samamidon - I like covers.
  11. Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground/Nina Persson - I love covers. I love the White Stripes. I love Nina Persson and The Cardigans. This track is from the Om Gud Vill soundtrack, in which Nina stars.
  12. You Make Me Like Charity/The Knife - From the Deep Cuts album.
  13. Special Effect (Black Light Mix)/TRS-80
  14. When I Hear Music/Debbie Deb
  15. Human After All/Daft Punk
  16. Girl and the Sea/The Presets
  17. Subtronic/DeVision
  18. In the Morning/Junior Boys
  19. Backward/Kode9 And The Spaceape - Also from the Children Of Men soundtrack.
  20. Five/Lamb
  21. Gold Lion/Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  22. Gymnopedie 0.1/PINE*am
  23. We Share Our Mothers' Health (Ratatat Remix)/The Knife
  24. Gone/M83
  25. Owner Of A Lonely Heart/Grizzly Bear
  26. Thermometer/Gold Birds
  27. I Thought You Were My Boyfriend/The Magnetic Fields
  28. Still Your Ghost/Rondo Brothers
  29. This Is the Way/Devendra Banhart
  30. The Dress Looks Nice On You/Sufjan Stevens
  31. Ruby Tuesday/Franco Battiato - Also from the Children Of Men soundtrack.