For My Consideration

Having friends is a good thing. I am currently housesitting for someone who gets all the Awards preview movies on DVD for voting. I've watched so many movies!

Here are my opinions:

Flushed Away and Hoodwink'd were better than I expected. Good animated kid flicks.

Miss Potter is a pretty good biopic on Beatrix Potter, albeit I wonder if her life warrants a biopic. Where's the guns and blood, Miss Potter??!

Sixty Six is actually my favorite out of the whole lot. It is about a family of British Jews, and the adolescent stresses of the Bar Mitzvah. This one occuring on the same date as the World Cup finals in 1966.

Children of Men is a HUGE disappointment. Alfonso Cuaron could have taken a big dump on the sidewalk and filmed it and make it a better movie. Alfonso, next time, just take the dump.

Babel is the one I haven't made it through. I turned it off after the shooting. I'll watch it later, but so far, so boring.

The Queen I saw in the theaters and re-watched last night. Love it. See my previous post.

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