Feliz Navidad and All That Jazz

Happy Holidays, ya'll! Here I sit waiting for my car for the airport to arrive. Listening to random play on iTunes, Peaches just played and now, Ani DiFranco. This confirms that I am a big ol' lesbian in a mans' body.

Here is an end of year round-up on my life:
  • I am a single, gay white male living in New York City.
  • I still work at a small museum in Midtown with modern inclinations.
  • I have a 15 year old cat named Hoot and she'll kick your ass.
  • Did I mention I am single? I am. Single.
  • I am ok with this, as I have always been, but lately I have had a strong urge for a serious relationship leading to the establishment of a household and a united front on the world.
  • Roommate is moving out in January and Jen of That's What She Said is moving in.
Pretty boring, eh?!

I am in Pensacola tonight through next saturday, December 30th!

Why my Mom moved to Pensacola is beyond me. Palm Beach has a much more sophisticated sound when saying you'll be going there for the Holidays.


Beer and Pool!


Jdog said...

I can't believe you lasso-ed me into the "boring" category. I will never scrub the toilet.

jamesdamian said...

My apologies to Jen in adding her into the "boring" category. Her moving in is actually a very exciting occurance.

Jdog said...

Yehhhhh, biatch!