Feliz Navidad and All That Jazz

Happy Holidays, ya'll! Here I sit waiting for my car for the airport to arrive. Listening to random play on iTunes, Peaches just played and now, Ani DiFranco. This confirms that I am a big ol' lesbian in a mans' body.

Here is an end of year round-up on my life:
  • I am a single, gay white male living in New York City.
  • I still work at a small museum in Midtown with modern inclinations.
  • I have a 15 year old cat named Hoot and she'll kick your ass.
  • Did I mention I am single? I am. Single.
  • I am ok with this, as I have always been, but lately I have had a strong urge for a serious relationship leading to the establishment of a household and a united front on the world.
  • Roommate is moving out in January and Jen of That's What She Said is moving in.
Pretty boring, eh?!

I am in Pensacola tonight through next saturday, December 30th!

Why my Mom moved to Pensacola is beyond me. Palm Beach has a much more sophisticated sound when saying you'll be going there for the Holidays.


Beer and Pool!

For My Consideration

Having friends is a good thing. I am currently housesitting for someone who gets all the Awards preview movies on DVD for voting. I've watched so many movies!

Here are my opinions:

Flushed Away and Hoodwink'd were better than I expected. Good animated kid flicks.

Miss Potter is a pretty good biopic on Beatrix Potter, albeit I wonder if her life warrants a biopic. Where's the guns and blood, Miss Potter??!

Sixty Six is actually my favorite out of the whole lot. It is about a family of British Jews, and the adolescent stresses of the Bar Mitzvah. This one occuring on the same date as the World Cup finals in 1966.

Children of Men is a HUGE disappointment. Alfonso Cuaron could have taken a big dump on the sidewalk and filmed it and make it a better movie. Alfonso, next time, just take the dump.

Babel is the one I haven't made it through. I turned it off after the shooting. I'll watch it later, but so far, so boring.

The Queen I saw in the theaters and re-watched last night. Love it. See my previous post.

Stabbing at Kellogg's

Even though I don't live there anymore, this is still scary. I passed by Kellogg's Diner EVERYDAY and usually more than once, as the L Train station is right underneath it!

From Gothamist, December 18, 2006:

Off-Duty Cop Stabbed at Kellogg's Diner in Williamburg

Eep! An off-duty police officer was stabbed in the chest by another person at Kellogg's Diner in Williamsburg around 4:30AM yesterday with a folding knife. And what started this confrontation? According to the NY Times, when "one person bumped into someone from the other party on his way to the bathroom." Kellogg's Diner manager Theodora Fiotos told the Times, "Basically, they exchanged some words. They were yelling and screaming and pushing each other."

The only person stabbed was the 26 year old rookie police officer Andy Urena who is assigned to the Brooklyn courts. He was taken to Woodhull Hospital, where he was in stable condition. The police say Urena was not intoxicated.

Witnesses helped the police locate the stabber, 21 year old Luis DeJesus, at his Knickerbocker Avenue home by yesterday afternoon. DeJesus was arrested and charged with assault.

Kellogg's, known to anyone getting out of the Lorimer L or Metropolitan Avenue G stops, is a 24-hour restaurant, an oasis when you need something in your stomach after a night out. Free Williamsburg on Kellogg's: "Sub par diner fare, but open all night! Great for those late night munchies, especially since everything else closes too damn early in Brooklyn."

Photograph from the Bridge and Tunnel Club; it's merely coincidental there's a police van in the front

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sleepwalkers:DOUG AITKIN

Artist Doug Aitken transforms midtown Manhattan with seven monumental projections on the exterior facades of The Museum of Modern Art. Actors Donald Sutherland and Tilda Swinton, musicians Seu Jorge and Cat Power, and actor/street drummer Ryan Donowho star in the interlocking vignettes, visible from the street. sleepwalkers leads viewers on a journey through the city fabric, from an abandoned subway tunnel to the neon lights of Times Square. January 16-February 12 Nightly 5-10 p.m. Free

Keep It in the Closet

Best line I said at a party last night in reference to a straight guy who made all the paper snowflakes:

"If you are dating a man that makes paper cut-out snowflakes, I guarantee that he is getting dick somewhere."