Chicken and Marie Antoinette

When going to see a movie about an indulgent Queen, a queen should indulge oneself. So, after 10 years of being a vegetarian, I have eaten poultry.

I have been toying with the idea for about a year now. I even told my Mom, who offered to make the first carnivorous meal while I was at home. But after being paraded down the meat aisle at Winn Dixie (ugh![although better than any grocery store in NYC]. rumors are that they are building a Publix near my Mom. HURRAY!), I declined.

Fast forward to yesterday when I had the most driving crave for chicken than anything I have ever had a craving for. In the 10 years I have been vegetarian, I have never had a craving for meat save for 2-3 times for a comfort food (my parents fried chicken. This wasn't an emotional crave for comfort foods. This was a deep physiological craving. Something is nutritionally amiss. I knew I had to give in. After thinking about it all day, I wanted it more than ever. I was now over the "but I am a vegetarian" mantra that had been playing in my head for the last year.

I met up with Megs the Unicorn and told her I my predicament. Her excitement abounds for my meat-eating downfall. We make plans to meet up with another friend, eat a quick meat-y dinner and head to the movies: Marie Antoinette.

We met up at the corner of 8th Avenue and 42nd Street and decided on the KFC at the Food Court over on 7th. Yes, that is right, Kentucky Fried Chicken.

I got some sort of chickenbreast sandwich. It was good. After I was done, I got 3 chicken strips. I added some french fries and a side of cole slaw and washed it all down with a Pepsi in a deviously disguised red cup.

How was it? Great. Is my craving gone? No, I want more. How do I feel? Great.

I am accepting invitations to all dinners involving poultry. Email or call. Thanksgiving and the Wednesday before are taken.


Jdog said...

Huzzah! Welcome to pollo-tarianism!

At a party during my sophomore year at SU, I had the most intense craving for a cigarette. It was out of NOwhere. I satisfied it, burning my finger in the process. Then I made out with my best friend. All around, it was a great night.

previous.roommate said...