Planning for a Fall

I've returned home from my UWS gig. Although the extra money is great and getting to sample neighborhoods is cool, it is best to stick to the routine. Life is easier that way.

The other night, I went out and ended up getting a little too drunk. So drunk that I did something out of character. I went home with somebody. I had the encouragement of my friends and he was cute and sweet.

But as we were walking back to his place things turned black. Literally, I don't remember walking over to 11th Avenue. I kinda remember the Lobby of his building. I don't remember the elevator. I remember the hotel-like numbers on the doors.

Inside his apartment, I sat down and it was over. There is nothing worse that getting sick at a strangers house. It is embarrassing and well, not very becoming. Anyway, he was very sweet for putting up with it, and even taking care of me and putting me to bed, whether he wanted me there at that point or not.

The next morning, I apologized for being such a mess and he was polite and said that it was not a problem. All the intimacy ended when we left the apartment (and I noticed it was rather much like a hotel and there was a Chihuly hanging in the Lobby) and said our good-byes on the street, "I'm sure we'll run into each other, again sometime."

Unfortunately, that is probably true. If the night had progressed differently it would have ended with me looking forward to that run-in. Now, if I see him (and actually recognize him), all I'll feel is major embarrassment. The only salvageable part of the experience was waking up next to someone, hearing them snore, arms around each other.

I called-in sick with symptoms of food poisoning, as it was something I consumed that was making me ill, (If you are reading this Megan, sorry!) and slept most of the day.

Next time I go out for happy hour, I am making sure I eat something and that the drinks are served weak.


previous.roommate said...

i recall this happening to you sometime earlier in the year...gonna go home with someone, get there, throw up on them, shuffle out with your "tail" between your legs....what would the goat say about this??? ;)

John said...

Remember the front seat of my Jeep???

Jdog said...

Oof. Blacking out is bad enough, but revisiting your last meal in a stranger's apt is the pits!