Going It Alone

All of you know that Tuesdays are my Friday, therefore Tuesday nights = Friday nights.

The end of summer and through fall brought a friend of friends in town, Chitah. I've mentioned her before. With her arrival found our evening social excursions (ESE) more frequent. Chitah, sadly, went back to Austin, Texas. So, our ESE have declined. Last outing was the infamous excursion immortalized en blog a few posts ago; I have not been out since and I was getting a little restless. So, I called my peeps (Timjamin [no answer] and Kexas) but got declined. That's what I get for having my Friday on other peoples Sunday.

So, I pushed off and headed out. Alone. I mean, I was on my way to meet someone - but it wasn't like we were going to hang out the entire night, it was a let's be in the same place, come see the show. A performer has gotta perform, right?

I arrived at destination, Therapy on W 52. Up the stairs and to the bar. Made my greeting and was "placed" in a seat at a table with 2 cute young men appearing to be on a date. When a drag queen asks if someone can sit at your table are you going to say no? They weren't on a date (but I think they should go on one) and were really very nice and welcoming. I was offered some of their calamari (politely declined: vegetarian, remember?) and then I introduced myself and apologized for the intrusion. It was good, fun conversation. It was good meeting new people. Oh, and one of them paid for my drinks, which was hella nice. So, I got their numbers, so maybe we'll all hang out again and I can return the favor.

After they left, I sat with Ms. Ginger and her man Bill, whose name I remember by singing The Fifth Dimension song Wedding Bell Blues* to myself. Some other people were there and joined us and I noticed the attractive-gentlemen-to-my-right...

Ginger and Wedding Bill Blues were leaving so I put on my coat and walked down with them. I said my goodbyes on the street and walked east where I ran into the attractive-gentlemen-to-my-right. A block later I knew their names and that hottie New Yorker was walking his visiting D.C. friend to his hotel. A few short blocks later and I knew quite a bit more about hottie New Yorker (sorry visiting D.C. friend) and that I wanted to learn more. We got to the hotel (Coincidentally, I had to walk past it to get to the subway) and hottie New Yorker told me to come back to Therapy next Tuesday, he'll be there.

I guess I'll be there, too.

*Gilmore Girls: Wedding Bell Blues
(100th episode) In the series' landmark 100th episode, Lorelai and Rory feel obligated to give Emily a bachelorette party on the night before Richard and Emily renew their marriage vows. At the ceremony the following day, Rory tells Logan she wants a relationship with him even though he's not ready to commit. Later, when Lorelai, Luke and Christopher discover Rory and Logan together, half-dressed, the shocking scene leads to an angry confrontation between Luke and Christopher. A furious Lorelai figures out that Emily invited Christopher in an attempt to destroy Lorelai's relationship with Luke.

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