Vacation Update

Even though I have been back to work for a week and a half, here is the post I started Sept 21 and never published...

I went on vacation but didn't go anywhere. Instead, two friends came to town ([JHar and Addendum] seperately) and I hung out with them.

Here are some of the exciting things I did:
  • Went to Brunch at Blue Moon and then attended the Sixth Annual NYC International Pickle Day with JHar and Previous.Roommate.
  • Took a walk in Central Park, visiting several sculptures of interest, including Balto with JHar and Previous.Roommate.
  • Toured the office of Richard Meier, AIA.
  • Saw the movie The Black Dahlia with JHar (perhaps the second worst movie of all time after A Scanner Darkly).
  • Visited multiple cafes in the same day.
  • Went to many bars and drank many drinks.
  • Saw Avenue Q.
  • Shared a great Ethiopian meal at Queen of Sheba with Addendum, Tez, and J. Shade.
  • Attended Fashion Stories, an evening of compelling, hilarious, and poignant tales about every woman's great passion with Megs the West Virginian. Some key speakers were Tim Gunn (love him!) and Simon Doonan. Both of their stories were fantastic! Elna Baker, E. Jean Carroll, and Julia Stiles were the other story tellers. Jonathan Ames hosted. My favorites were Jonathan, Tim, and Simon. My least favorite: Julia Stiles.

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