Sans-a-Kate Slacks

Today, I took a subway trip downtown for some shopping. I wasn't really planning to buy anything, but I figured if something stuck out I'd get it.

I took the N to Union Square and on my quest for coffee walked through the East Village. Down 2nd Avenue - that was a bust. So, I walked west on Houston and ended up in NOHO. This was my first sighting of Chris "Sans-a-Kate" Robinson (you know, from the Black Crowes). He was good luck because right around the corner was the NOHO Coffee Truck. It was damn good coffee, too.

Coffee in hand, I started my way south on Broadway across Houston and into SOHO. I meandered through some shops, looking at mostly shoes (Remember, I am an admitted shoe whore [and I have been naught to buy all the shoes I have wanted since moving to NYC]). I went into the many Yellow Rat Bastard-owned stores looking for a Queens hoodie to replace the Brooklyn one I gave to K-Rocka. Alas, there was no Queens Pride among the stores except for one and they only carried one color and it was one I didn't want. So, I'll have to order something online. But it got me thinking, do I really want a Queens hoodie or should I just get something else?

I criss-crossed SOHO and then headed back up Broadway since it looked like it was going to downpour. My next destination was K-Mart at Astor Place, but along the way is Other Music. So, I stopped there.

A few minutes there and Chris "Sans-a-Kate" Robinson comes in. He was there the entire time I was there. I didn't pay much attention to him but he seemed like a cool guy. He was chatting up the guy who works there about new stuff and he had a handfull of stuff he was buying. I noticed a photographer in the store taking pics and didn't think anything more than promo shots for store ads, but then as I was leaving, I noticed that he was taking them of Chris and I was kinda angry. I mean, a guy wants to buy CDs and slack-off and not be bothered, right!!? So, I left and felt sorry for Chris as I was walking to K-Mart, because Chris doesn't have the same anonymity I have. When he left Other Music (possibly to go to K-Mart, too) that cameraman was going to follow him and take more pics.

Maybe he was trying to get some new music to make a hot mix CD to give to Kate to win her back.

So, after being in the shopping capital neighborhood of the world, I went to K-Mart and bought:

Catcher in the Rye is still keeping me company on my train ride.

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Anonymous said...

i do dnot walk the city streets of atlanta.

marta and the bus are rigid in their paths and destinations. so i drive around and around. little neighborhood eateries are crammed into places more suitable to a tire store. but it is there that you find the celebrities. it was on aplace like that i met parker posey.

i wished you had been there. i wish you would come to atlanta. maybe we can get the bus driver to change course. maybe we could hi-jack marta.

i miss you, james. come see us. momma peg is cooking tonight. all your favorites.