Rebirth of Sharon Peters

The friends I have made since moving to the City always amaze me with their past achievements and lives they seems to have left behind. Whether it is one of my volunteers that retired from a job of archeological digs in Israel or a coworker that has retired from the NYC drag life.

Last night, I went out to support a new friend, Chitah, at her performance at Therapy. Chitah and I know each other through two of my coworkers, one being the former Ms. Sharon Peters.

The night was hosted by another new acquaintance, Ms. Ginger, whom I met out of drag at the first Chitah performance I went to. Other performers were: Mitzi Gaymore, Destiny, and 2 guys got up and sang.

So after the actual show, the club thinned out and then it just seemed to be a few guys, the staff, and a bunch of drag queens. Gusty Winds showed up and it was one of those rare NYC moments when you see a gaggle of Drag Queens sitting around shooting the shit and having fun. Each one started doing impromptu performances that were even better than their show numbers. The crowd was in hysterics! Then, my friend and coworker got up in his very male being and resurrected the performance queen in him doing one and a half numbers of Olivia Newton-John. I've have Xanadu and Magic stuck in my head all day long.

I am excited to know this part of him and am anxious to see if he does return to wigs and dresses! Anyway, last night, I saw Sharon Peters on stage. Welcome back!

Take a look at some pics of NYC Queens here.

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Anonymous said...

You should've stood infront of the sky mirror, birth of venus revisited.
yummy tomators though.