Falling Down Stairs

Yesterday was the deluge on New York City from Ernesto. Of course, the small Museum at which I work was up and running. I walked to and fro the Subway in the rain. Being as I was in my rain jacket and had an umbrella, I was relatively dry when I got to work.

After work, Megs the West Virginian and I went to see Invincible. It is the movie with Mark Wahlberg playing the Eagles Receiver that makes the open try-outs. It is one of those Disney feel-good flicks that I would end up watching at my Mom's over the holidays on DVD. Heartwarming, but not something I actively seek out. Still, it is probably better than most swill in the theaters.

Afterward, walking in the rain, we made it back to Union Square. I said goodbye to Megs the West Virginian and hopped on the N Train.

At Astoria Boulevard, I exited the train and proceded to the stairs in the middle of the platform. It is an elevated platform, so you descend to get out of the station. At left is a photo of random subway stairs found on the internet. It may very well be the Astoria Boulevard stop stairs. They are worn down. Barely any tread, then there are lines welded on to make tread; which has also been worn down. I don't know if it was the first or second step but - SLIP!

Both of my feet slipped out from under me and down I went on my ass with my right arm going back to save me. I slipped down 3 or 4 steps and hit some guy (who didn't fall and kept walking).

There I was trying to get my bearings like a stunned Gopher Tortoise that was only brushed with a car wheel on its way across the highway. People stopped and turned. I don't know if anyone said anything because I had the jdPod plugged into my ears. I only stared back, wide eyed and pride broken.

I wasn't hurt and it would have been funny had friends been there to laugh at me (after they deemed me ok, of course). But it was only me and 20 strangers. I was embarrassed and just like Tai in Clueless when she fell down the stairs, I will also be "known as the [guy] who fell down the stairs, all night." Only, if won't be all night because I see these same neighborhood people all the time at the same platform. They will see me and say "Hey, there is that guy I told you fell down the stairs - what a jackass."


Damn my Adidas Sambas for selling me out to the treadless stairs. Today, I woke up sore. Physically and emotionally. Sore at my Adidas. So, today, I am wearing Pumas.

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Crystal said...

ADIDAS Sambas are hot.

Sometimes it hurts to be beautiful, no?