Vacation Update

Even though I have been back to work for a week and a half, here is the post I started Sept 21 and never published...

I went on vacation but didn't go anywhere. Instead, two friends came to town ([JHar and Addendum] seperately) and I hung out with them.

Here are some of the exciting things I did:
  • Went to Brunch at Blue Moon and then attended the Sixth Annual NYC International Pickle Day with JHar and Previous.Roommate.
  • Took a walk in Central Park, visiting several sculptures of interest, including Balto with JHar and Previous.Roommate.
  • Toured the office of Richard Meier, AIA.
  • Saw the movie The Black Dahlia with JHar (perhaps the second worst movie of all time after A Scanner Darkly).
  • Visited multiple cafes in the same day.
  • Went to many bars and drank many drinks.
  • Saw Avenue Q.
  • Shared a great Ethiopian meal at Queen of Sheba with Addendum, Tez, and J. Shade.
  • Attended Fashion Stories, an evening of compelling, hilarious, and poignant tales about every woman's great passion with Megs the West Virginian. Some key speakers were Tim Gunn (love him!) and Simon Doonan. Both of their stories were fantastic! Elna Baker, E. Jean Carroll, and Julia Stiles were the other story tellers. Jonathan Ames hosted. My favorites were Jonathan, Tim, and Simon. My least favorite: Julia Stiles.

Rebirth of Sharon Peters

The friends I have made since moving to the City always amaze me with their past achievements and lives they seems to have left behind. Whether it is one of my volunteers that retired from a job of archeological digs in Israel or a coworker that has retired from the NYC drag life.

Last night, I went out to support a new friend, Chitah, at her performance at Therapy. Chitah and I know each other through two of my coworkers, one being the former Ms. Sharon Peters.

The night was hosted by another new acquaintance, Ms. Ginger, whom I met out of drag at the first Chitah performance I went to. Other performers were: Mitzi Gaymore, Destiny, and 2 guys got up and sang.

So after the actual show, the club thinned out and then it just seemed to be a few guys, the staff, and a bunch of drag queens. Gusty Winds showed up and it was one of those rare NYC moments when you see a gaggle of Drag Queens sitting around shooting the shit and having fun. Each one started doing impromptu performances that were even better than their show numbers. The crowd was in hysterics! Then, my friend and coworker got up in his very male being and resurrected the performance queen in him doing one and a half numbers of Olivia Newton-John. I've have Xanadu and Magic stuck in my head all day long.

I am excited to know this part of him and am anxious to see if he does return to wigs and dresses! Anyway, last night, I saw Sharon Peters on stage. Welcome back!

Take a look at some pics of NYC Queens here.

Sans-a-Kate Slacks

Today, I took a subway trip downtown for some shopping. I wasn't really planning to buy anything, but I figured if something stuck out I'd get it.

I took the N to Union Square and on my quest for coffee walked through the East Village. Down 2nd Avenue - that was a bust. So, I walked west on Houston and ended up in NOHO. This was my first sighting of Chris "Sans-a-Kate" Robinson (you know, from the Black Crowes). He was good luck because right around the corner was the NOHO Coffee Truck. It was damn good coffee, too.

Coffee in hand, I started my way south on Broadway across Houston and into SOHO. I meandered through some shops, looking at mostly shoes (Remember, I am an admitted shoe whore [and I have been naught to buy all the shoes I have wanted since moving to NYC]). I went into the many Yellow Rat Bastard-owned stores looking for a Queens hoodie to replace the Brooklyn one I gave to K-Rocka. Alas, there was no Queens Pride among the stores except for one and they only carried one color and it was one I didn't want. So, I'll have to order something online. But it got me thinking, do I really want a Queens hoodie or should I just get something else?

I criss-crossed SOHO and then headed back up Broadway since it looked like it was going to downpour. My next destination was K-Mart at Astor Place, but along the way is Other Music. So, I stopped there.

A few minutes there and Chris "Sans-a-Kate" Robinson comes in. He was there the entire time I was there. I didn't pay much attention to him but he seemed like a cool guy. He was chatting up the guy who works there about new stuff and he had a handfull of stuff he was buying. I noticed a photographer in the store taking pics and didn't think anything more than promo shots for store ads, but then as I was leaving, I noticed that he was taking them of Chris and I was kinda angry. I mean, a guy wants to buy CDs and slack-off and not be bothered, right!!? So, I left and felt sorry for Chris as I was walking to K-Mart, because Chris doesn't have the same anonymity I have. When he left Other Music (possibly to go to K-Mart, too) that cameraman was going to follow him and take more pics.

Maybe he was trying to get some new music to make a hot mix CD to give to Kate to win her back.

So, after being in the shopping capital neighborhood of the world, I went to K-Mart and bought:

Catcher in the Rye is still keeping me company on my train ride.

I Left My Umbrella at Work

I remember when I was a kid playing in the rain, or getting caught in it walking home from the bus stop or a friends' house. I could see it off in the distance down the long, staight dirt roads in western Palm Beach County. A curtain-wall of water cutting across the landscape; a geometry of intersecting planes, lines, and rural sprawl. As it moved closer it draped everything in gray. Then the pelts would begin to wet the dusty road around me. The big drops would sting when they hit my skin, cold at first - I didn't mind the cleansing cool-down in the staunch heat - then, overtaken by the sun, just warm like the rest of the day.

Today, I walked home from the subway station in the rain. It reminded me of home. It wasn't rural sprawl surrounding me this time, just the urban kind. And although it was never warm, I didn't mind the coolness of it. I was soaked by the time I got to my apartment.

It was a rightful end to my day, really. I needed to wash off the workplace before my "weekend" starts. Let's hope it's a good one!

He Doesn't Have The Mustache, Anymore.

So I spotted Jack Black, his wife, Tanya Haden, and their son in the Museum today. I got a little excited when I noticed Mr. Black - but then I realized that the whole family was there and started dancing back and forth! Very cute.

Falling Down Stairs

Yesterday was the deluge on New York City from Ernesto. Of course, the small Museum at which I work was up and running. I walked to and fro the Subway in the rain. Being as I was in my rain jacket and had an umbrella, I was relatively dry when I got to work.

After work, Megs the West Virginian and I went to see Invincible. It is the movie with Mark Wahlberg playing the Eagles Receiver that makes the open try-outs. It is one of those Disney feel-good flicks that I would end up watching at my Mom's over the holidays on DVD. Heartwarming, but not something I actively seek out. Still, it is probably better than most swill in the theaters.

Afterward, walking in the rain, we made it back to Union Square. I said goodbye to Megs the West Virginian and hopped on the N Train.

At Astoria Boulevard, I exited the train and proceded to the stairs in the middle of the platform. It is an elevated platform, so you descend to get out of the station. At left is a photo of random subway stairs found on the internet. It may very well be the Astoria Boulevard stop stairs. They are worn down. Barely any tread, then there are lines welded on to make tread; which has also been worn down. I don't know if it was the first or second step but - SLIP!

Both of my feet slipped out from under me and down I went on my ass with my right arm going back to save me. I slipped down 3 or 4 steps and hit some guy (who didn't fall and kept walking).

There I was trying to get my bearings like a stunned Gopher Tortoise that was only brushed with a car wheel on its way across the highway. People stopped and turned. I don't know if anyone said anything because I had the jdPod plugged into my ears. I only stared back, wide eyed and pride broken.

I wasn't hurt and it would have been funny had friends been there to laugh at me (after they deemed me ok, of course). But it was only me and 20 strangers. I was embarrassed and just like Tai in Clueless when she fell down the stairs, I will also be "known as the [guy] who fell down the stairs, all night." Only, if won't be all night because I see these same neighborhood people all the time at the same platform. They will see me and say "Hey, there is that guy I told you fell down the stairs - what a jackass."


Damn my Adidas Sambas for selling me out to the treadless stairs. Today, I woke up sore. Physically and emotionally. Sore at my Adidas. So, today, I am wearing Pumas.

An Insensitive Son

My mother says I am too insensitive and this is the reason I don't have a boyfriend. Thanks, Mom. This comes after I related this story to her:

So, Tuesday night was a night out with some coworkers for a drag show. It was a friend of friends performing. Good show. 2 Queens performed. The friend of friends was great. The other was busted! So, after the show, we were waiting for our party to be ready to shimmy to the next venue when tall, alibi-less (and by alibi-less, I mean ugly) Engineer started talking to Timjamin and I. Fine, ok. So, the story goes, we invite him to the next place we go. TAE (Tall, alibi-less Engineer) seems like a nice guy. We are all chatting, etc, etc. The night is good.

Timjamin, TAE, and I hop in one of the cabs and head to the E.Vil. So, then TAE takes out his cell phone and is basically attached to it the entire trip downtown. Calling, talking, messages, texting - all of the possible cell uses. So, I start to think this guy is douche-y. It wasn't just the cell phone usage, it was what he was saying. It just turned me off.

So, Timjamin gets out on the street side of the cab and TAE and I get out on the curbside. I close the door. TAE drops his phone. We both look down just in time to see it hit the street and bounce into the gutter. The poor guy is just looking down and looks at me and says "I can't believe what just happened to my phone. It is like from right out of a movie."

I am beside myself in hysterics. But only on the inside. I was keeping it all on the inside. Then, Timjamin comes over and TAE has to explain what just happened to him. I bust out with the most evil grin that is doing nothing to contain the laughter fighting its way out. I hold back, though.

Later on in the evening, Timjamin comes over to me and another friend and says "Yeah, that guy is, like, totally crying."

"Oh my God! Over his phone?" I say.

"Yeah- yeah, I think so."

I couldn't help myself. I couldn't help myself. I just started laughing. Especially when I looked over at him in the club and saw him looking all sad sack. Thank goodness Timjamin and friend were there to console him for a few minutes before he snapped out of it and was a dancing machine again.

Was I being an insensitive ass? You tell me.

As insensitive as I am, I certainly paid for it over the next 2 days. I am off the juice for an indeterminate amount of time.