Neko Case is Sexier Than You

Wednesday and Thursday proved to be busy days for me, yet again.

Wednesday, I went to the Guggenheim. The special exhibit at the moment is Zaha Hadid (who is an Architect for those not in the know). The link to the exhibit is in the sidebar. I had seen the exhibit before, but my Museum Companion had not.

Zaha Hadid is an amazing mind. I took more time with the exhibit this time and will probably go a third time when Adam comes to town.

The rest of Wednesday included coffee with previously mentioned Museum Companion, a visit home, Project Runway viewing party with Megs D., and finally drinks with Museum Companion.
Thursday was laundry day, nappytime, and then concert at McCarren Pool in Williamsburg!

Martha Wainwright, Joanna Newsome, and Neko Case. Great line-up!!? OF COURSE!

It was raining/drizzling while Martha was up and I listened mostly from the cover or the entry way. It was enjoyable and I felt bad for her since it was raining through her set. Martha Wainwright has some assets when it comes to her legs (see photo at left) and she was accenting them with a hot pair of socks she said she got in France. "It was the only thing that fit me in France," she said. I just imagine her walking around her hotel room in only the tall, tight fitting French socks. French socks are damned hot!

Then Shannon and some other peeps came and we made our way to the crowd for Joanna Newsome, who did not play the song I wanted her to play (Peach, Plum, Pear) and instead played what seemed like 4 thirty minute songs. She went on forever. Turns out I only like Peach, Plum, Pear. I took the opportunity during one of her epic songs to go to the bathroom and heard some guy yelling "Take your harp and go home!" as I made my way through the back of the empty pool. Joanna plays the harp if you didn't get that.

Next up: NEKO CASE!!

I am a relatively new fan of the Case. I love the CDs. I've been to many good shows, but I hardly ever walk away thinking that a live show is better than the recorded music. Neko's show was amazing. The music was stronger and more defined live and her voice was spectacularly powerful. I am in love.
Neko is a little dirty on stage, talking about Unicorns and 12 year old girls fascinations with the mythical animals and their not knowing why. Unicorns were the main theme of her stage banter.

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