Missed Connections Thursday

This is a joint post with Jen and I. She posted hers on her myspace page. Apparently it wasn't good enough for That's What SHE Said! What Jen wrote is in maroon. The rest in black I added.

There is an internet-based phenomenon called the Missed Connection. People post anonymous ads seeking another person who may or may not have noticed you as well. Did that beautiful girl give you eyes as she exited the F train this morning? Missed Connection. Hot go-go boy give you an extra long dance lesson? Missed Connection.

No one knows the success rate of the MC, but as long as people remain timid and insecure, you can bet that the Missed Connection will exist. Occasionally youll come across one that is obviously a joke (i.e. MC with Democrats in the White House), and they make your day by reaffirming the presence of wit in humanity. Some are rants, cries of tormented relationships, or proclamations of love.

My buddy Jen and I had such an epic day yesterday that we decided to jointly post all the connections that wed missed, starting from our individual mornings, continuing when we met up, and concluding in Astoria and Bushwick, respectively. Lame? I think not!

MC with Cute Guys in Astoria, QNS - m4m (Astoria and N/W Trains)

Who knew that there were so many attractive gay men in Astoria? Now, I just need to meet them.

Hey Japanese doughnut dance girl! - wm4w

I know you must be bored out of your mind, stuck at mom and dads job while school is out for summer. The way you jumped around, giggling like mad really made my day. Care to teach me that chocolate-with-sprinkles dance?

Bob Saget - wm4m (E. Village)

Hey hunky middle-aged man with the nice pecs! It was a pleasure bumping into you as you hung out on 5th Street. Did you know you've been a part of our lives since the 80s?

Hot jogger! - wm4m (
Manhattan Greenway track)

We both checked you out as we walked. Nice bod, nice stride, nice dog. You passed us quickly, leaving us to admire the view from the back. And then, the clincher: your dog stopped abruptly and popped a squat, dropping a huge load. I promise we were laughing with you! Let's get a drink? Bring

Preppy girl with Maltese - wm4w (by the

Your little white dog found the last blade of wild grass in Manhattan. Refreshing to meet nice strangers once in a while.

You fell off your scooter... - wm4m

...and screamed like a banshee! Geeze, are you a bitch or a man?!

Guy at
Steamers Landing - wm4m

You were sitting at the bar by the window, talking to a friend, spread-eagle! Thanks for the show!

Four stupid girls on line at Mates of State - wm4m (
Battery Park)

First you had the nerve to cut us in line. Then you made us want to puncture our own eardrums with your ridiculous conversations. Mommy must be real proud of her hip indie daughters. Why dont you ask to borrow the American Express and buy a sense of fashion?

Calf tat: "Live free" - wm4w (Castle Clinton)

You have a crest on the back of your right leg. It has two banners across bearing the words "Live free or die" and "with no regrets." Do you need some grammar lessons? Shoot us an email we can help.

You were young and cute. - wm4m

Blond, fit, looked like a party boy. You seemed very interested in the birds we were feeding. The guy on the other end of the leash didnt look that bad, either.

Mates of State. - wm4m (Castle Clinton)

What a beautiful day for a show! Were big fans of your bouncy music and lovey-dovey lyrics, even if we cant sing along to every song. If only the stage were a bit higher, we wouldve been able to actually see you. If only the teenyboppers werent in the way. If only...

Cutie at Key Foods Fresh/Newton Avenue - m4m (Astoria)

Tall, dirty blonde hair, plaid shirt. I'll come over and make you dinner.


Jdog said...

MC with those shitty-ass step dancers - wm4w

Little girls, your shpiel was good: raising money for t-shirts to wear while performing at the Apollo. But seriously, you need to work on those game faces. Smile for your $3, bitches!!

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