The Giant Squid and the Unicorn

So, Blog here messed up a little and I deleted some posts to set it right. I forgot what they were already so this is basically an update post:

Wednesday 07.19: After work Megs the Unicorn and I ventured to Central Park to see the Upright Citizens Brigade show at Summerstage! We met up with pallies, Ivy and Shannon. We were disappointed the show was not improv but it was a good show of stand-up comedy, nonetheless. Highlights: Paul Sheer and Rob Huebel as the MCs playing Central Park Park Rangers and Aziz Ansari doing his R. Kelly bit. Goodtimes, goodtimes.

Thursday 07.20: I was suppose to go to a work event celebrating people employed 20 years or more. 3 people in my department, my boss being one of them. (Congrats, ya'll). I opted out and went to a screening of the M. Night Shyamalan Lady in the Water flick at the Director's Guild Theater (Thank you, Todd of Beware of the Blog/Beware of the Babylon Podcast for the invitation). My review: Fantastically terrible. Everyone should see this movie to finally know what a fraud M. Night Shyamalan is as a writer. I'll give him props for some of the camera work, but it turned out to be pretty futile in saving the film. A Scanner Darkly still holds as the worst. movie. ever. (at least for this summer).

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