Witness Williamsburg (Reprise)

I lament on my year in Williamsburg.

Last June, I was in the process of moving from Any-College-Town, USA to this enclave of Brooklyn across the East River from Manhattan's East Village and Lower East Side neighborhoods. Exciting times, of course, but not easy. I never thought it would be easy, so don't think I was surprised.

To begin, my month-and-a-week run of unemployment and job searching was most stressful. Applying for jobs I was overqualified for and being overlooked. Awkwardly interviewing for positions and not being called back like I was a bad date. Being offered jobs that paid less than I made in my pre-degree days in Florida. Sound familiar? It is a machine and everyone goes through it, I guess. Then like magic, I found a posting on an institution website, half-heartedly applied thinking I would never be contacted, and was contacted the next day.

But back to Williamsburg and my apartment. Roommate and I soon figured that we were not going to renew the lease and did little to make the apartment homey. After a year, I am still mostly furnitureless and I am still sleeping on an air mattress. Who wants to move all that crap? So I just didn't bother getting it.

Why did we decide not to renew the lease? I'm sure I've mentioned the reasons many times throughout the blog but where is a short list:

  1. Leaks in the roof. (Granted, they fixed them, but they did not fix the water damaged bathroom wall.
  2. Waterfall gushing leaks in the rusted steel window headers of the bedroom windows in the very weathered and damaged brick bearing wall.
  3. The floors slope in from the sides, badly.
  4. The See You Next Tuesdays that live downstairs.
  5. The filthyness that is our street.

There is so much more. Just not things to be discussed here.

Williamsburg is dirty and full of dirty people. It is overrated and overpriced.


john said...

Glad you are getting away from it.

Ryan Jaye said...

Well...sounds dreadful. Hope your new place is more than marginally better.