A Week in Review

Last Monday, I moved. Everything smooth. Shannon and I had moderate complaints and decided that we hadn't complained enough, so we saved it for Tuesday at work. I still feel like I didn't complain enough, so it must've been a good move. I was fully unpacked by Thursday.

Wednesday night, I had a wonderful dinner with a Volunteer and Megan at Po on Cornelia Street. It was so amazingly delicious.

Thursday night, I went to the Dada opening and got drunk with some co-workers and Volunteers. It was an interesting walk/subway ride back home with three drunk straight girls and one of their brothers "rushing" to get to the Beergarden, yet hailing every cab and not getting it, stopping for preztels and other snacks, and then one by one dropping off of the Beergarden Wagon.

Friday! Was Happy Birthday Dim Sum with Ivy Paisner. Dim Sum a Go Go in Chinatown. Yum!

Saturday morning I left for Gainesville. 7:50 a.m. flight. 2 hours in the air. Met at the airport by Kristen and Angie and 2 hour car ride home. Gainesville festivities included a haircut, Bahn Thai, bowling (ugh!), and Nacho Libre.

Sunday I was driven 2 hours back to Tampa and 2 hours in the plane later I was back in NYC!

So, that was my week. Each one deserves it's own post, but they are far to gone for that. I would have taken photos but my batteries died and KMart scammed me into paying the same amount for one battery as I do for two (my camera takes two, but did I know that before I bought the battery? No!). Fuck KMart (especially the one at Astor Place).

I am ready for work.


john said...

Sounds like an extremely busy week.

Ryan Jaye said...

Ah! The best way to visit g-ville. Peek in, see what you're not missing long enough to dispel the nostalgia (ha!), and dip out.