Things I've Done Since Sunday

Since my Gay Pride Sunday, I've had several adventures worth shaking a stick at.

Monday was catch up on sleep night, so we will skip that one.

Tuesday was Department Party on a Boat night. It was really fun. You can read more about that at That's What SHE Said. The only thing I have to add is that I did the Hustle with my boss.

Last night, I met up with Tim and Megan at Veselka in the East Village (corner of 2nd Avenue and 9th Street - if you are in the City and want to go). Tim was there first and we waited outside in the sweltering humidity for Megan, who was having train trouble. As we were waiting, I turned to look down 2nd and this blonde with huge sunglasses walks by. I turn to Tim and we both say "That's Chloe Sevigny." Ya'll know I love me some Chloe. She is a good actress AND better yet, she dresses like crap and doesn't give a rat's ass. Check out her Fug page.

Yesterday evening was no exception. Some dark baggy dress that looked like a sack tied at the waist. It was beautiful. She was going to Village Farm Grocery across the street to get some food. Oh, I love you Ms. Sevigny.

So, we had dinner at Veselka and walked our way to Union Square to see Sandra Bernhard's one woman show: Everything Bad & Beautiful. It was really good and great to see Sandra, again (Remember that date I had and we were sitting 2 feet from her and her family). She looked good, too.

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