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I came out to my lesbian cousin when I was 16 years old. It was still a hard thing to do. I was in the passenger seat of her Honda Accord continuously sighing, trying to muster up the vocalization of what I knew in my heart (and loins). I didn't tell her that night even after she prolonged going home to see if I needed more time. The next day while running errands together she tricked me into telling her by saying she had had a dream that night that I came out to her and that we went out to some gay club after and had a blast. She got out of the car to pick up some dry cleaning. She got back in and all I said was "I am."

She had told me she was a lesbian a few years earlier by dropping hints about a story run of a gay character in the newspaper daily comic For Better or For Worse and a few weeks later telling me she was going to Washington D.C. to attend the '93 March on Washington because, in fact, she was a lesbian. Well duh-, I thought.

A few months later at 17, I was telling my mother. I had gotten a book out of my high school library. It was a thin, blue hardcover. There was a drummer boy pressed in dark ink on the cover, along with the title. If I recall it was something like "A Different Drummer: Accepting Your Homosexuality" or some such. (I looked on Amazon and can't find anything close). I handed her the book. She took it and asked why I was reading it. I responded "Because, I am that way."

I was a scared seventeen year old with bad skin handing my mom a book about being gay. Exposed and raw. "No you are not" she said.

Twelve years later, she calls and asks me how my love life is. She is awesome.

Yesterday was the annual NYC Gay Pride Day Parade and Festival. All gay parades and festivals are the same. No matter where they are. This one just happens to be bigger than most.

Highlights of the day:
  • Brunch at Terrace 5 (granted it is in the Museum, it is still yummy food)
  • Gay Bavarians! Hot! Lederhosen! Slappy hand dance!
  • Frozen Margarita! (one)
  • Friends: Tim, Kevin, Jen (of That's what SHE Said fame!), Killer, Silan!
  • The Waldorf-Astoria.

Yeah, that's right, the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. One of Tim's friends had a room there, that was upgraded to a Suite - with a terrace as big as my last apartment. We took lots of cool photos and I'll post some as soon as Kevin emails them to me. "Dah-ling I love you but give me Park Avenue."

After a while, pizza was ordered and delived to the suite. Sweet!

Kevin and Tim headed back downtown to go to The Cock. I strolled up Lexington to 60th and caught the N/W home to Astoria.

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Please do NOT post the one of me and my chili.