Drinking By Myself

This morning, I started out with a commute revisiting the Silent Alarm album by Bloc Party. I think it is time for a resurrection of this fantastic album.

I was in the Union Square Virgin Megastore the other night for two hours from 10:00 P.M. to 12:00 A.M. (There are no 24 Hour Grocery stores in NYC, but Music stores are open all hours of the night). I was gift shopping. Usually, I can pick an album in less than 20 minutes and be done with it, but everything I wanted to buy as the gift was really just something I wanted for me. So, I thought I would make a list. Please feel free to buy me or burn me a copy. (kinda kidding...kinda...)

  1. Danielson - Ships
  2. Jens Lekman - Oh You're So Silent, Jens
  3. Joanna Newsome - The Milk-Eyed Mender
  4. TV on the Radio - Return to Cookie Mountain
  5. Final Fantasy - He Poos Clouds

Being big fans of Rilo Kiley, I ended up getting my friend the Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins Rabbit Fur Coat album.

Back to my commute. I notice that, even though I have lint rolled them, my pants are covered in cat hair. Thanks Hoot. So, I decide that I should swing by Duane Reade to get a Lint Roller for my dilemma and also, it is a good thing to have at your desk. So, I get off at Fifth Avenue and proceed to the exit. As I am taking the stairs, I stumble. I am already holding the railing with one hand and I awkwardly heave forward and grab on with my other hand. I don't fall and I am fantastically entertained by my own trip up the stairs. I turn to see if there is anyone else around. There is. An attractive woman about my age with a huge smile - as big as mine. If I was straight it would have been opportune flirting time but I instead exclaim gayly "I'm so glad someone else was around to witness my ridiculousness!"

I think she was disappointed to figure out I am a big 'MO. This city must be full of little disappointments like that for women.

So, the Bloc Party... I thought the lyric in the song Like Eating Glass was "Like drinking by yourself, like eating glass". Today I figured out it is actually "Like drinking poison, like eating glass".

On the walk home after the subway dropped me off, I met an elderly woman in some brightly colored traditional robes. I am thinking Indian or Pakistani, but am totally not sure. Her bags were much too heavy for her and she kept putting them down, resting, picking them back up - only to put them down again. As I got closer to her, she had left two bags, walked two others about eight feet and was coming back for the other two. I unplugged my ears from the jdPod and asked her if she needed help. She gratefully accepted. I carried all her bags less than a block to her apartment building and put them down on the stoop. She shook my hand. As I turned to walk away a neighbor-woman walking her dog stopped and asked the woman who I was.

I turned around and they were both looking my way and smiling.

Things I learned today:

  1. Bloc Party put out a damn catchy album last year.
  2. The lyrics I've been singing for that year were wrong.
  3. I can crush women's dreams of finding true love in the city.
  4. I can renew a woman's confidence in men, and maybe humanity.


john said...

Wow a gentlemen in such a busy city. I have only visited New York, never lived there. My impression has always been, New York is way too busy to notice or to dole out random acts of kindness. I guess with people like you there, I'm wrong.

Jdog said...

Don't you love helping people out by doing simple things? I held a baby in the Titus restroom last week - story later.

And John, it's not just that we're too busy. There's just too much going on to smile at or help everyone who needs it.

alyss said...

Jens Lekman is great! Black Cab is my fave.