Are You at the Theater, Jacques?

Tuesday, I filled in as a "Drink Monitor" at the Herzog & De Meuron Artist Choice Opening Reception. "Working" the event is not unlike attending the event. The only difference is that I stand in once place and tell people they cannot take their drinks past a certain point. Everyone still comes by to see me. Everyone brings me drinks.

With my Architecture education, Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron are big names in my book. They were part of the group of big name people crammed down our throats as good Architecture. All design is subjective. However, I am a H&dM fan. Check out what wikipedia has to say about them.

I recognized Jacques Herzog right away. He walked past me and went up the escalator. He was wearing all black as all good Architects do. As he went up the escalator he picked a big wedge. Not attractive, Jacques.

Later, I saw him with whom I thought was Pierre de Meuron. I thought he was super cute. So I called my Adam my Architecture bud still in school and told him I was standing next to H&dM and De Meuron is HOT! Turns out it wasn't de Meuron but he was still very attractive. I don't think dM was there.

I also met Ryan McGinness and his wife. Awesome people. Check out his website here.

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