Jerry Stiller Walks into a Museum...

So, I am almost a full week late in posting this. Last Sunday, I am at the Film Desk chit-chatting with my Volunteer that helps out there and Jerry Stiller walks in. Amazingly cool with his sunglasses on top of his glasses. He moves them to the top of his head. He asks the Volunteer about some film, he is on the guestlist, etc. He is visibly flustered. The Volunteer asks what his name is. He finds this amusing and shoots me a smile (because obviously I know who he is, as do the two other people sitting at the desk). She finds his name on the list. But the ticketing person has already given him the ticket.

He asks where he can get some coffee. The Volunteer says that there is a Starbucks down the street. Jerry doesn't have time for Starbucks. So, there is coffee in the Museum, maybe, if the Cafe is still open. But he needs a Museum ticket, which the person ticketing hands him. He is on his disoriented way. "Where do I go? Where do I go? Several people are helping him find his way. It was hilarious.

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