I'll Sacrifice Tomorrow Just To Have You Here Today

As the last days of Spring are murdered in the renewed city heat, Summer 2006 brings some milestones and transitions:

  1. June 12th is moving day. I am moving to the borough of Queens! Astoria to be exact. Two new roommates and way cheaper rent. More details to come on the apartment, roommates, and neighborhood at a later date.
  2. June 29th marks my One Year Anniversary of living in New York City. It hardly feels long enough to constitute a full year. Not to contridict Madonna, but time-goes-by-so quickly here and I don't think it is just the "New York Minute." Time is counted and scarred by constant seasonal changes. It makes you pay attention to months more, whereas in Florida you can pretty much just ignore what month it is as it pretty much feels the same.

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