Return of the Gangsta

Last night, Jessica made her big return to NYC for a short weekend visit with us. It was a complicated reunion involving her Ex-Roommate picking her up in Newark and Roommate and I meeting them out on the Lower East Side.

Roommate and I got to the LES first, as it is only one stop away from our humble 'Burg apartment, and we decided to walk around instead of heading into the bar we were meeting them at.

While we were walking down Rivington Street (at Ludlow St.) who should I see? My teen dream Michael Stipe, who I assume is his very cute boyfriend, and Patti Smith! Granted I just saw Michael and friends at the Bring 'Em Home Now Concert as few weeks ago, this is by far my best sighting of celebrities EVER. Punk Rock Queen Patti Smith and Modern Rock pioneer Michael Stipe!? Amazing. He looked pretty good, too with his Kangol style cap on, and Patti looked amazing, too. She hasn't aged in 30 years, I don't think - but she has an ancient and wise Woodstork feel about her.

So, flying high having seen some great people I have admired for a rather long time, Roommate and I went to the bar and met up with Jessica and her Ex-Roommate. Why this particular bar? It is the "Party" that a friend of Jessica and Ex-Roommate puts on. So, visits with the DJ who plays nothing but House, a Beer, and some laughs at the local happy hour leftovers (guys dancing in the work suits are NOT sexy!) and we were out.

J Train over the bridge to the BK and were home.


Erik said...

Alba or Simpson?

Alan (as said by a spaniard) said...

these are the things MOMA does for her children.