Mamas Don't Let Your James's Grow Up To Be Cowboys

Last Saturday, I worked until 8:00 P.M. for extended hours and as I was leaving stumbled upon an event with open bar. I met up with a few co-workers and friends and chit-chatted managing about 6 drinks before popping off to the 1 Train for Morningside Heights and Jessica's old apartment.

Quite the buzz was stirring and I called Roommate to let her know that I was on my way to the party. Only I mis-dialed her Mother. A short, yet awkward conversation later and I was talking to Roommate and on my iPod listening way.

I made it to the Second Annual Buckskin Bonanza at 5C (a Cowboy themed party to which I did not adhere) in one piece and enjoyed the evening - albeit I was milking one drink the entire night. I was totally hitting on the geekiest (and nicest) guy there, totally slipped him my card (and he never called or emailed - that bastard!), and faded into the night as my alcoholic intake caught up with me. After many a bitchy comment overheard, discussed, and said, Roommate and I announced our departure and gathered our Todd for a Taxi Downtown.

Roommate, Todd, and I ambled around the corner and hailed a cab on Broadway and Tiemann. It was one of the mini-van cabs - so we were psyched. We got off at 14th Street to catch the L and Todd headed around to the East Vil.

3:50 A.M. is one helluva time to get home when you have to go to work the next morning, but hungover I did - and I lived to tell about it.

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