Ben Lee is the New Sleep

Last Monday, someone gave me free tickets to see Ben Lee at Irving Plaza. I like Ben Lee's music enough and it was free so there was nothing to lose but some time. I asked my jet-lagged boss who declined. Another co-worker accepted, but wanked out later on. Several people later, I finally got someone to say yes.

Randy and I go way back. Palm Beach County, Food Not Bombs. We were part of the crew that held it down. Okay, she isn't familiar with Ben Lee but I am not a huge fan - so we make plans to meet up.

I go home, shower, change, head to her apartment in Grammercy Park. We hang out with her roommate (also from PBC FNB) for a bit while she decides what to wear and then are off to Irving Plaza.

The show is sponsored by a beer company so we get the special. I can't finish it because it is too heavy and I am still recovering from my weekend. We comment at how funny looking Ben Lee is, stand through the first boring opening act, and then underbreath heckle the second one. High-school-journal lyrics, bad 1980's showtune style vocals. Bad and boring.

The Benn Lee portion finally starts with a Kermit the Frog recording of Rainbow Connection. Ben Lee takes the stage and starts off with a good song and his band joins in toward the end.

Second song is a bit boring. Third song, boring. Fourth song is my curring Ben Lee favorite and has made it on several mixes I've made lately: Gamble Everything For Love. Fifth song is pretty bad and my feet are now killing me so I lean into Randy and say that we don't have to stay. She says "Let's wait for the next song."

Sixth song comes on and a few lines into it Randy leans over and says "let's get out of here," so we snake our way through the crowd and onto the Street. We make a few phone calls but nothing is going on and we decide to head to our respective homes.

Both of us newly Thirty last Piscean cycle, we feel pretty lame calling it a night at 11:00 P.M. It is a "school" night and I was stall licking my wounds from Saturday, so I felt justified.

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