Hands Off My Precious

Walking around the 'burg last night we stumbled upon a filming...
"We are about to roll", the PA said, as we walked by.

So we walked on by and we passed this guy on the corner, and he turned to look at us...
His huge blue eyes bored into our souls and tried to steal them.

As we turned the corner he followed us with his eyes - and then I realized it was Elijah Wood.

Frodo tried to steal my soul.

Ben Lee is the New Sleep

Last Monday, someone gave me free tickets to see Ben Lee at Irving Plaza. I like Ben Lee's music enough and it was free so there was nothing to lose but some time. I asked my jet-lagged boss who declined. Another co-worker accepted, but wanked out later on. Several people later, I finally got someone to say yes.

Randy and I go way back. Palm Beach County, Food Not Bombs. We were part of the crew that held it down. Okay, she isn't familiar with Ben Lee but I am not a huge fan - so we make plans to meet up.

I go home, shower, change, head to her apartment in Grammercy Park. We hang out with her roommate (also from PBC FNB) for a bit while she decides what to wear and then are off to Irving Plaza.

The show is sponsored by a beer company so we get the special. I can't finish it because it is too heavy and I am still recovering from my weekend. We comment at how funny looking Ben Lee is, stand through the first boring opening act, and then underbreath heckle the second one. High-school-journal lyrics, bad 1980's showtune style vocals. Bad and boring.

The Benn Lee portion finally starts with a Kermit the Frog recording of Rainbow Connection. Ben Lee takes the stage and starts off with a good song and his band joins in toward the end.

Second song is a bit boring. Third song, boring. Fourth song is my curring Ben Lee favorite and has made it on several mixes I've made lately: Gamble Everything For Love. Fifth song is pretty bad and my feet are now killing me so I lean into Randy and say that we don't have to stay. She says "Let's wait for the next song."

Sixth song comes on and a few lines into it Randy leans over and says "let's get out of here," so we snake our way through the crowd and onto the Street. We make a few phone calls but nothing is going on and we decide to head to our respective homes.

Both of us newly Thirty last Piscean cycle, we feel pretty lame calling it a night at 11:00 P.M. It is a "school" night and I was stall licking my wounds from Saturday, so I felt justified.

Mamas Don't Let Your James's Grow Up To Be Cowboys

Last Saturday, I worked until 8:00 P.M. for extended hours and as I was leaving stumbled upon an event with open bar. I met up with a few co-workers and friends and chit-chatted managing about 6 drinks before popping off to the 1 Train for Morningside Heights and Jessica's old apartment.

Quite the buzz was stirring and I called Roommate to let her know that I was on my way to the party. Only I mis-dialed her Mother. A short, yet awkward conversation later and I was talking to Roommate and on my iPod listening way.

I made it to the Second Annual Buckskin Bonanza at 5C (a Cowboy themed party to which I did not adhere) in one piece and enjoyed the evening - albeit I was milking one drink the entire night. I was totally hitting on the geekiest (and nicest) guy there, totally slipped him my card (and he never called or emailed - that bastard!), and faded into the night as my alcoholic intake caught up with me. After many a bitchy comment overheard, discussed, and said, Roommate and I announced our departure and gathered our Todd for a Taxi Downtown.

Roommate, Todd, and I ambled around the corner and hailed a cab on Broadway and Tiemann. It was one of the mini-van cabs - so we were psyched. We got off at 14th Street to catch the L and Todd headed around to the East Vil.

3:50 A.M. is one helluva time to get home when you have to go to work the next morning, but hungover I did - and I lived to tell about it.

Return of the Gangsta

Last night, Jessica made her big return to NYC for a short weekend visit with us. It was a complicated reunion involving her Ex-Roommate picking her up in Newark and Roommate and I meeting them out on the Lower East Side.

Roommate and I got to the LES first, as it is only one stop away from our humble 'Burg apartment, and we decided to walk around instead of heading into the bar we were meeting them at.

While we were walking down Rivington Street (at Ludlow St.) who should I see? My teen dream Michael Stipe, who I assume is his very cute boyfriend, and Patti Smith! Granted I just saw Michael and friends at the Bring 'Em Home Now Concert as few weeks ago, this is by far my best sighting of celebrities EVER. Punk Rock Queen Patti Smith and Modern Rock pioneer Michael Stipe!? Amazing. He looked pretty good, too with his Kangol style cap on, and Patti looked amazing, too. She hasn't aged in 30 years, I don't think - but she has an ancient and wise Woodstork feel about her.

So, flying high having seen some great people I have admired for a rather long time, Roommate and I went to the bar and met up with Jessica and her Ex-Roommate. Why this particular bar? It is the "Party" that a friend of Jessica and Ex-Roommate puts on. So, visits with the DJ who plays nothing but House, a Beer, and some laughs at the local happy hour leftovers (guys dancing in the work suits are NOT sexy!) and we were out.

J Train over the bridge to the BK and were home.

They Don't Love You Like I Love You

I found this great map of Brooklyn Neighborhoods. Thought I would share it. I live about where the "A" is in Williamsburg.

I Give Myself To Sin Again

I once went on a date to see The Passion of The Christ with a Jew. His idea not mine.

After such a painful viewing, I felt kinda guilty making out with him in my car.

Space Oddity

The best thing I overheard today:
"Were you in Cuba in 1957?"

and as many of you know I think it is grosser than gross to see people eating on the Subway. The culprit this time?

Store-bought sushi with chopsticks. He was full-on into the
meal, too, opening packets of soy sauce with his mouth, wasabi applications,

Oh yeah - that couldn't wait to get home.

A Man and His Feet

Ed Norton was about in the Museum, today. Hope he and his friends enjoyed the Edvard Munch exhibition.

The Angels Want To Wear My Red Shoes

My favorite shoes are a pair of red Adidas Sambas, size 12. I got them my first year in Architecture school. Architecture students (any of the design fields, really) always have the best shoes. It is fact and has been observed by many on many campuses throughout the world.

My shoes have been many places and seen a lot. Last Thursday, we went to see the Matthew Barney film Drawing Restraint 9 starring Matthew Barney and Björk. What the New York Times calls a "conceptual-nautical-ritual romance, or maybe a Shinto-shipboard-sculptural tryst", I call crap.

Not having seen anything by M. Barney, nor being familiar with any of his work, I was excited to see something that evoked so much disdain and opinion in my co-workers. Would I love it? Hate it? Ambivalence?

The movie-going experience as a whole was a good one. I met my movie companion in front of the IFC Center and we purchased our tickets and went to a nearby diner. Afterward, we got back to the theater and took our seats shortly after. Comfy, but not so much so that I wanted to sleep in them.

There was a film short to start, from the Museum of Modern Art collection. I forget the director but it was all images from Odilon Redon.

Back to Drawing Restraint 9: Self-indulgent, simple, and predictable. This film touched on several themes such as people's relationship to nature, and the dichotomies of guest and host, and freedom and restraint. Nothing new is said about these subjects and they are presented in a terribly mundane and sometimes excruciating way: various scenes of procession in the film that seem to create a mating ritual between Barney and Björk:
  1. People in costume in parades
  2. dock workers preparing the ship
  3. the formation of a petroleum sculpture
  4. the collection of Barney and Björk from seperate places and their travel on seperate boats to unite on a new one

The climax of the film is a tea ceremony between the Captain and Barney and Björk. Here you'll hear some of the only dialogue in the film in Japanese, Icelandic, and English. I wanted to rip the flesh from my wrists this scene was so draggingly slow and painful. The "love scene" follows and the regressions begin:

  1. the freeing of the petroleum sculpture from it's form and it's subsequent collapse.
  2. Barney and Björk transcending their bodies and becoming whale-like creatures
  3. the deterioration and collapse of the dock

Björk is a genius. She is an amazingly talented person. Get the soundtrack from the Library and give in a listen. Otherwise, just listen to Medulla or Homogenic, again.

Matthew Barney is an Ivy League educated hack with nothing new to say. Check out some Damien Hirst pieces instead, or if you are looking to see a film I hear Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift is coming soon.

I Want To See Your Asian Eyes

Some funny things that have been said to me lately in the course of my life:

  • James, you have very Asian eyes. You should have those tests that Oprah had to find out where in the world your DNA comes from.
  • What is the admission price for the free night?
  • Have you been eating salmon? (pronounced solmen). [Funny because it was pronounced wrong and I am a vegetarian and don't eat fish. I laughed and kinda embarrassed the guy (co-worker) - Good thing I am off the next 2 days. ]

I'm sure there are more to come....

It's My Friday

Home, home on the block after a boring day at the M. sorry for the lack of posts, but it is caused by the lack of thoughts and the lack of funds to do anything worth writing about.

Tomorrow, I am seeing the Matthew Barney film starring himself and Björk. You can read more about that at: http://unit.bjork.com/specials/dr9/ . It sounds interesting...but mostly I want to know what Björk is doing here: