The Middle Ages

Today is my thirtieth birthday. Three-zero. I haven't had a zero in my age for ten years. This will take some getting used to.

This post was originally titled The Final Countdown and was originally planned last week to kick off a series leading up to today. Alas, I did not motivate myself enough to write an entire series on the end of my twenties, but here are some thoughts on what's going on:

  • The end of ones twenties/beginning of othirties usually sparks dread and cognitive avoidance. However, I have been looking forward to that end and the beginning and have been thinking of it actively.
  • Most of my twenties felt as if I were waiting for my life to start: it will happen when I move out of my parents house; it will happen when I finish school; it will happen when I find a boyfriend. Lots of waiting and what I thought was suppose to be what life is did not happen.
  • But it did happen and what a pain in my ass: moving, finishing school, dating.
  • I'm not under the guise that my thirties are going to be perfect, but it seems like it will be a lot less of a pain in my ass.
  • It seems like people will take you more seriously when you are in your thirties.
  • I've always found men in their thirties most attractive and now I am one of them (ha, ha!).

Now that I have dodged through my twenties, I can start my active middle-aged lifestyle. Happy Birthday to me.


Erik said...

yes, happy birthday to you. I'm glad I happened to send you a present last week.

Kiddo78 said...

Happy Birthday!! I'm quickly approaching 30 and not freaked out. In fact I'll be 28 on March 12. I like guys in their 30s too.

Miss Fickle said...

YAY! Happy James Day!! What a lucky world...

Bewareoftheblog said...

Happy Birthday.

Is that you in the football photo?

mizzzthanggg said...

Happy Birthday, James!! Yesss... the big 3-0... went thru it not long ago *sigh*... what made it reality for me was when i saw my Blogger profile showing Age: 30 and also when filling out a survey at work and i had to tick the age 30-34 box... ack!

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