Tragedy in the Lavanderia

Roommate and I took a trip across the street to the Lavanderia to do our laundry:

Since it is only across the street, we feel comfortable leaving and coming back when the cycle is done to transfer into the dryers, then leaving and coming back again to retrieve.

The Lavanderia was especially crowded with entire families, at least 3 but with full mother, father, and several kid quantities. The kids are running amuck as you would expect after being dragged down to a boring night at the Lavanderia. One girl pushed one of the laundry carts into me, albeit delicately, but she pushed it into me! To borrow a phrase from the Biggest Bitches I Have Ever Met (that live downstairs from me, to recap), "This is unacceptable." No one said anything either, so I turned around and said very nicely "oh no, don't do that!"

On the last trip to get our clothes from the dryer, the families seemed to be done and on their way out the door. The girl that pushed the cart into me was climbing on a folding table and ¡opps! it toppled over and onto her. Of course there was shrieking and several people running to pick up the table.

The next few minutes as I reached in and out of the dryer grabbing my clothes and placing them unfolded into my duffle bag were very uncomfortable.

Hurt girl saying that she is scared and refusing to let her mom look at her "wounds;" Mom saying things like "let me see, what hurts, we need to take you to the emergency department (she said room, but in homage to Erik and the correct terminolgy...)

We left and haven't gone back. When we got back into the apartment I mentioned that it was the same little girl that pushed the cart into me and Roommate cut me off from continuing my train of thought.

I think we are switching to the Chinese-owned around the corner.

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