Apartment: Six Months, Part 2

Oftentimes, when one moves into a new place it takes them some time to furnish it and acquire belongings. Here is the inventory of my living situation after six months:

  • Bedroom
  1. Air mattress #2, Queen-sized. Much more comfortable than air mattress #1, twin-sized (and obviously much larger).
  2. Drawing table found on the street.
  3. Marcel Breuer Bar Chair found on the street.
  4. Various belongings (books, CDs, misc.) neatly stacked on the floor.
  • Living Room/Kitchen
  1. Roommate-friend donated twin-sized futon sofa.
  2. Target-purchased Eddie Bauer Folding Chair
  3. Coffee table and side table consisting of cardboard boxes with pieces of plywood on top.
  4. $136.00 Isamu Noguchi rice paper lamp (won by answering trivia question right at work).
  5. Unfolded Rice paper screen found on street leaning against wall.
  6. Television and other electronic accoutrements sitting on the floor.
  7. Roommate-friend donated microwave on the floor.
  8. Various belongings (DVDs, towels, framed photographs) neatly stacked on the floor.
  • Building Benefits
  1. Broken front door gate lock.
  2. Single lock on building door.
  3. Single lock on apartment door.
  4. Second floor hallway/stairwell chocked full o' crap (3 unused bicycles, shelves, crap).
  5. Second floor occupied by 2 of the biggest bitches I have ever met.
  6. Buckling floors.
  7. Freezing cold drafts and shoddy heating.
  8. Window headers that leak like Niagara Falls.
  9. Lightbulbs that burn out once a month.

1 comment:

Mona Lisa D. Vinci said...

How much do they pay you to live there? Surely they threw in the 3 unused bicycles as a little extra! Found any old paintings yet...?