An Afternoon at Work: Six Months, Part 4

Lunch usually consists of going out with one of my officemates and bringing something back to eat at my desk. On the weekends, it may be someone from the upstairs offices, or alone. I'll read in that case. There is a great grocer around the corner. One stop shopping for all my afternoon needs. Lunch, chocolate, coffee. I've often gone several times in one day. When do I get work done?

My afternoons, in general, are probably like everyone elses. An unyielding train on its way to, in most cases 5:00 P.M., but in mine: 5:30. I pack my afternoons with everything I didn't get done that morning. Paperwork, information updates, filing, all that fun office stuff. Emails are returned, calls made. I want to get all this done so it doesnt confront me in the morning.

Five-thirty comes and I go. Up the short flight of stairs to the short escalator to the long escalator where I meet the first floor. I am only above ground for a short few minutes until I descend the stairs and escalator to the subway that will take me home. My life has become a series of movements above and below ground. Thirty minutes later, I make my way out of the hole located just beneath my diner and walk the three blocks home.


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Kiddo78 said...

HaHa - I like your made up Mom!