Feliz Navidad and All That Jazz

Happy Holidays, ya'll! Here I sit waiting for my car for the airport to arrive. Listening to random play on iTunes, Peaches just played and now, Ani DiFranco. This confirms that I am a big ol' lesbian in a mans' body.

Here is an end of year round-up on my life:
  • I am a single, gay white male living in New York City.
  • I still work at a small museum in Midtown with modern inclinations.
  • I have a 15 year old cat named Hoot and she'll kick your ass.
  • Did I mention I am single? I am. Single.
  • I am ok with this, as I have always been, but lately I have had a strong urge for a serious relationship leading to the establishment of a household and a united front on the world.
  • Roommate is moving out in January and Jen of That's What She Said is moving in.
Pretty boring, eh?!

I am in Pensacola tonight through next saturday, December 30th!

Why my Mom moved to Pensacola is beyond me. Palm Beach has a much more sophisticated sound when saying you'll be going there for the Holidays.


Beer and Pool!

For My Consideration

Having friends is a good thing. I am currently housesitting for someone who gets all the Awards preview movies on DVD for voting. I've watched so many movies!

Here are my opinions:

Flushed Away and Hoodwink'd were better than I expected. Good animated kid flicks.

Miss Potter is a pretty good biopic on Beatrix Potter, albeit I wonder if her life warrants a biopic. Where's the guns and blood, Miss Potter??!

Sixty Six is actually my favorite out of the whole lot. It is about a family of British Jews, and the adolescent stresses of the Bar Mitzvah. This one occuring on the same date as the World Cup finals in 1966.

Children of Men is a HUGE disappointment. Alfonso Cuaron could have taken a big dump on the sidewalk and filmed it and make it a better movie. Alfonso, next time, just take the dump.

Babel is the one I haven't made it through. I turned it off after the shooting. I'll watch it later, but so far, so boring.

The Queen I saw in the theaters and re-watched last night. Love it. See my previous post.

Stabbing at Kellogg's

Even though I don't live there anymore, this is still scary. I passed by Kellogg's Diner EVERYDAY and usually more than once, as the L Train station is right underneath it!

From Gothamist, December 18, 2006:

Off-Duty Cop Stabbed at Kellogg's Diner in Williamburg

Eep! An off-duty police officer was stabbed in the chest by another person at Kellogg's Diner in Williamsburg around 4:30AM yesterday with a folding knife. And what started this confrontation? According to the NY Times, when "one person bumped into someone from the other party on his way to the bathroom." Kellogg's Diner manager Theodora Fiotos told the Times, "Basically, they exchanged some words. They were yelling and screaming and pushing each other."

The only person stabbed was the 26 year old rookie police officer Andy Urena who is assigned to the Brooklyn courts. He was taken to Woodhull Hospital, where he was in stable condition. The police say Urena was not intoxicated.

Witnesses helped the police locate the stabber, 21 year old Luis DeJesus, at his Knickerbocker Avenue home by yesterday afternoon. DeJesus was arrested and charged with assault.

Kellogg's, known to anyone getting out of the Lorimer L or Metropolitan Avenue G stops, is a 24-hour restaurant, an oasis when you need something in your stomach after a night out. Free Williamsburg on Kellogg's: "Sub par diner fare, but open all night! Great for those late night munchies, especially since everything else closes too damn early in Brooklyn."

Photograph from the Bridge and Tunnel Club; it's merely coincidental there's a police van in the front

Posted by Jen Chung in Crime

sleepwalkers:DOUG AITKIN

Artist Doug Aitken transforms midtown Manhattan with seven monumental projections on the exterior facades of The Museum of Modern Art. Actors Donald Sutherland and Tilda Swinton, musicians Seu Jorge and Cat Power, and actor/street drummer Ryan Donowho star in the interlocking vignettes, visible from the street. sleepwalkers leads viewers on a journey through the city fabric, from an abandoned subway tunnel to the neon lights of Times Square. January 16-February 12 Nightly 5-10 p.m. Free

Keep It in the Closet

Best line I said at a party last night in reference to a straight guy who made all the paper snowflakes:

"If you are dating a man that makes paper cut-out snowflakes, I guarantee that he is getting dick somewhere."

Old House Needs New Roommate

Dearest New Yorkers,

Do you know anyone that wants to live in Astoria, Queens? My roommate is moving out at the end of January and I (and hopefully boy in basement) will be staying. House (2 family Queens style house) is old, yet liveable. We are on the ground floor. There is a backyard. Bedroom is HUGE! Rent is small! Must be able to tolerate homosexuals, liberal views, an old cat, and a boy in the basement. Must be CLEAN. Do dishes, clean bathroom, not smell. Late 20s and older, stable job, etc. 15 min walk to N/W @ Astoria Blvd.

Feel free to forward to friends!


Kelly vs. Clay vs. Rosie

I am trying to like Rosie O' Donnell and support her in her new position on The View but things like this make me feel like she is a bit ridiculous.

40-part Motet, Janet Cardiff

This piece was installed in the MoMA Contemporary Galleries last winter. It was my favorite piece in the Museum for a while. I hope it comes back on view soon! The video is pretty awesome, too, opening on peoples feet/shoes and closing on the large window overlooking 53rd Street from the 2nd floor.

Chicken and Marie Antoinette

When going to see a movie about an indulgent Queen, a queen should indulge oneself. So, after 10 years of being a vegetarian, I have eaten poultry.

I have been toying with the idea for about a year now. I even told my Mom, who offered to make the first carnivorous meal while I was at home. But after being paraded down the meat aisle at Winn Dixie (ugh![although better than any grocery store in NYC]. rumors are that they are building a Publix near my Mom. HURRAY!), I declined.

Fast forward to yesterday when I had the most driving crave for chicken than anything I have ever had a craving for. In the 10 years I have been vegetarian, I have never had a craving for meat save for 2-3 times for a comfort food (my parents fried chicken. This wasn't an emotional crave for comfort foods. This was a deep physiological craving. Something is nutritionally amiss. I knew I had to give in. After thinking about it all day, I wanted it more than ever. I was now over the "but I am a vegetarian" mantra that had been playing in my head for the last year.

I met up with Megs the Unicorn and told her I my predicament. Her excitement abounds for my meat-eating downfall. We make plans to meet up with another friend, eat a quick meat-y dinner and head to the movies: Marie Antoinette.

We met up at the corner of 8th Avenue and 42nd Street and decided on the KFC at the Food Court over on 7th. Yes, that is right, Kentucky Fried Chicken.

I got some sort of chickenbreast sandwich. It was good. After I was done, I got 3 chicken strips. I added some french fries and a side of cole slaw and washed it all down with a Pepsi in a deviously disguised red cup.

How was it? Great. Is my craving gone? No, I want more. How do I feel? Great.

I am accepting invitations to all dinners involving poultry. Email or call. Thanksgiving and the Wednesday before are taken.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

2:47 a.m. - I was just jarred awake by blood-curdling Farsi screaming by at least 3 people from upstairs having what sounded like some sort of disagreement with at least 2 wildebeasts to realize that I have caught the cold/sinus infection that seems my whole department at work has had within the last week.

3:06 a.m. - Read the online People magazine heading "Tobey Maguire is a Dad" and register it as "Tobey Maguire is Dead." Which is followed by a personally unprecedented short jump of shock and panic over a celebrity death before realizing I've only mis-read.

3:57 a.m. - I think I am ready to go back to bed.

6:37 a.m. - "Waking up," even though I never fell back to sleep. It seems my earlier declaration of illness was immature as I believe it to have been only my grogginess and mid-sleep congestion.

7:00 a.m. - Make breakfast: eggs and grits. Watch new episode of Degrassi.

7:45 a.m. - Shower, dress, online adventures on youtube.com.

9:01 a.m. - Leave for work.

9:10 a.m. - Enter the last car on the N train, run into co-worker. Chat on the way to work.

9:35 a.m. Arrive at work.

Welcome Back, jamesdamian!

I was in Florida for the past 5 days. I made sure my trip corresponded with President Bush's trip to Pensacola. No, the real reason was to celebrate my Mother's 60th birthday! My Brother and his family also came for festivities.

Here are some highlights:
  • seeing family
  • warm weather
  • playing pool
  • watching movies I wouldn't normally watch: romantic comedies and kid flicks
  • anxiety attack and fight with brother (okay, not highlights)
  • make-up with brother
  • realizing that I am more relaxed in a city of 8 million than in a house of 7
  • getting in a taxi at LGA to come home

Going It Alone

All of you know that Tuesdays are my Friday, therefore Tuesday nights = Friday nights.

The end of summer and through fall brought a friend of friends in town, Chitah. I've mentioned her before. With her arrival found our evening social excursions (ESE) more frequent. Chitah, sadly, went back to Austin, Texas. So, our ESE have declined. Last outing was the infamous excursion immortalized en blog a few posts ago; I have not been out since and I was getting a little restless. So, I called my peeps (Timjamin [no answer] and Kexas) but got declined. That's what I get for having my Friday on other peoples Sunday.

So, I pushed off and headed out. Alone. I mean, I was on my way to meet someone - but it wasn't like we were going to hang out the entire night, it was a let's be in the same place, come see the show. A performer has gotta perform, right?

I arrived at destination, Therapy on W 52. Up the stairs and to the bar. Made my greeting and was "placed" in a seat at a table with 2 cute young men appearing to be on a date. When a drag queen asks if someone can sit at your table are you going to say no? They weren't on a date (but I think they should go on one) and were really very nice and welcoming. I was offered some of their calamari (politely declined: vegetarian, remember?) and then I introduced myself and apologized for the intrusion. It was good, fun conversation. It was good meeting new people. Oh, and one of them paid for my drinks, which was hella nice. So, I got their numbers, so maybe we'll all hang out again and I can return the favor.

After they left, I sat with Ms. Ginger and her man Bill, whose name I remember by singing The Fifth Dimension song Wedding Bell Blues* to myself. Some other people were there and joined us and I noticed the attractive-gentlemen-to-my-right...

Ginger and Wedding Bill Blues were leaving so I put on my coat and walked down with them. I said my goodbyes on the street and walked east where I ran into the attractive-gentlemen-to-my-right. A block later I knew their names and that hottie New Yorker was walking his visiting D.C. friend to his hotel. A few short blocks later and I knew quite a bit more about hottie New Yorker (sorry visiting D.C. friend) and that I wanted to learn more. We got to the hotel (Coincidentally, I had to walk past it to get to the subway) and hottie New Yorker told me to come back to Therapy next Tuesday, he'll be there.

I guess I'll be there, too.

*Gilmore Girls: Wedding Bell Blues
(100th episode) In the series' landmark 100th episode, Lorelai and Rory feel obligated to give Emily a bachelorette party on the night before Richard and Emily renew their marriage vows. At the ceremony the following day, Rory tells Logan she wants a relationship with him even though he's not ready to commit. Later, when Lorelai, Luke and Christopher discover Rory and Logan together, half-dressed, the shocking scene leads to an angry confrontation between Luke and Christopher. A furious Lorelai figures out that Emily invited Christopher in an attempt to destroy Lorelai's relationship with Luke.

A Comment for the Good Doctor

In the olden days, I've been told, the Museum used to have garage sale-like occasions where artworks were sold to staff, volunteers, and members. I have often wondered what the pieces that were deemed saleable were, where their journeys over the years have taken them, and of course, where they are now. Perhaps these lesser known artists and works of art are in lesser known museums, maybe even medical libraries.

Paul Rudd

I am totally in lust. Pick up the new issue of Rolling Stone immediately!

The Queen

Ok, so I saw this movie 2 weeks ago. It is hilarious! Look at them. Hilarious.
It was a great film.
But so, so funny.
James Cromwell as Prince Philip?! HILARIOUS!
Helen Mirren - Superb, and brilliantly funny.
Go see it.

As of 10/20/2006 12:21:30 PM EDT:

  • I am 30 years old.
  • I am 367 months old.
  • I am 1,597 weeks old.
  • I am 11,182 days old.
  • I am 268,380 hours old.
  • I am 16,102,821 minutes old.
  • I am 966,169,290 seconds old.

Planning for a First Weekend in November

My Mom is hitting a milestone birthday this year, in early November. My milestone birthday came and went without too much fanfare, but thinking that she has 30 more milestone years behind her than I do, I figure I should say "how high" when she says jump. I mean, one of the last phone conversations we had she mentioned how much she would like for at least ONE of her three kids to be there for it. Even though I wasn't planning to see her until Christmas holidays, being the self-declared favorite, I decided that that one child was me.

And being that I remember birthdays and my siblings do not, I called them and told them they should come too. My sister will not be joining me. My brother (and his whole family) will.

So, I called my Mom and asked what she was doing Thursday, November 3rd, and knowing that she rarely plans more than 2 days in advance for anything, her response was "I don't know." And then I sprung it on her. "Can you pick me up from the airport?"


I'll be really happy to see my Mom. I haven't seen her since last Christmas. Woo HOO! 6 days in Florida.

Planning for a Fall

I've returned home from my UWS gig. Although the extra money is great and getting to sample neighborhoods is cool, it is best to stick to the routine. Life is easier that way.

The other night, I went out and ended up getting a little too drunk. So drunk that I did something out of character. I went home with somebody. I had the encouragement of my friends and he was cute and sweet.

But as we were walking back to his place things turned black. Literally, I don't remember walking over to 11th Avenue. I kinda remember the Lobby of his building. I don't remember the elevator. I remember the hotel-like numbers on the doors.

Inside his apartment, I sat down and it was over. There is nothing worse that getting sick at a strangers house. It is embarrassing and well, not very becoming. Anyway, he was very sweet for putting up with it, and even taking care of me and putting me to bed, whether he wanted me there at that point or not.

The next morning, I apologized for being such a mess and he was polite and said that it was not a problem. All the intimacy ended when we left the apartment (and I noticed it was rather much like a hotel and there was a Chihuly hanging in the Lobby) and said our good-byes on the street, "I'm sure we'll run into each other, again sometime."

Unfortunately, that is probably true. If the night had progressed differently it would have ended with me looking forward to that run-in. Now, if I see him (and actually recognize him), all I'll feel is major embarrassment. The only salvageable part of the experience was waking up next to someone, hearing them snore, arms around each other.

I called-in sick with symptoms of food poisoning, as it was something I consumed that was making me ill, (If you are reading this Megan, sorry!) and slept most of the day.

Next time I go out for happy hour, I am making sure I eat something and that the drinks are served weak.

Observations on the Upper West Side

I'm on Day 7 of my Catsitting foray into the UWS. Here are some observations:

  • The sight of children, any age, makes me physically scowl. The UWS is filled with nasty children, so I must be a frightful mess with my perma-digusted look.
  • Technically not the UWS but on my route to-and-fro, Central Park South smells like horse crap and cigarette smoke.
  • Walk-ups are totally overrated.
  • Roof Terraces are boring unless you have drinks and someone with to share them.

Your Mom eats Toblerone

On my coffee and Toblerone break, I sit here contemplating Gilmore Girl dialog:

RORY: Is there dessert?
EMILY: Yes, and we have a special surprise for you for dessert. We brought it back from Switzerland.
LORELAI: We're getting a mountain goat?
RICHARD: This is better than a goat.
EMILY: Let's go into the living room.
RORY: Dessert from Switzerland.
LORELAI: The land of chocolate.
RORY: Yum!
RICHARD: You two are going to love this.
LORELAI: Is it as good as Toblerone?
RICHARD: Oh, it's better than Toblerone.

What's better than Toblerone??! Coffee and Toblerone!!

I'm Bringing Broken Back

I'm housesitting on the UWS (Upper West Side for non-New Yorkers). Specifically, West 70th at Columbus. It is a 2BR (lofts)/1Bath 5th Floor walk-up. There is a cat and a roof terrace. It is a nice place. My one question is how does a single person working at a non-profit afford this?

Other than that, I say good for her. It is a great space and a great 'hood.

The bed is like sleeping on a hardwood floor with a sheet over it, though. Ouch. My back seriously hurts.

Vacation Update

Even though I have been back to work for a week and a half, here is the post I started Sept 21 and never published...

I went on vacation but didn't go anywhere. Instead, two friends came to town ([JHar and Addendum] seperately) and I hung out with them.

Here are some of the exciting things I did:
  • Went to Brunch at Blue Moon and then attended the Sixth Annual NYC International Pickle Day with JHar and Previous.Roommate.
  • Took a walk in Central Park, visiting several sculptures of interest, including Balto with JHar and Previous.Roommate.
  • Toured the office of Richard Meier, AIA.
  • Saw the movie The Black Dahlia with JHar (perhaps the second worst movie of all time after A Scanner Darkly).
  • Visited multiple cafes in the same day.
  • Went to many bars and drank many drinks.
  • Saw Avenue Q.
  • Shared a great Ethiopian meal at Queen of Sheba with Addendum, Tez, and J. Shade.
  • Attended Fashion Stories, an evening of compelling, hilarious, and poignant tales about every woman's great passion with Megs the West Virginian. Some key speakers were Tim Gunn (love him!) and Simon Doonan. Both of their stories were fantastic! Elna Baker, E. Jean Carroll, and Julia Stiles were the other story tellers. Jonathan Ames hosted. My favorites were Jonathan, Tim, and Simon. My least favorite: Julia Stiles.

Rebirth of Sharon Peters

The friends I have made since moving to the City always amaze me with their past achievements and lives they seems to have left behind. Whether it is one of my volunteers that retired from a job of archeological digs in Israel or a coworker that has retired from the NYC drag life.

Last night, I went out to support a new friend, Chitah, at her performance at Therapy. Chitah and I know each other through two of my coworkers, one being the former Ms. Sharon Peters.

The night was hosted by another new acquaintance, Ms. Ginger, whom I met out of drag at the first Chitah performance I went to. Other performers were: Mitzi Gaymore, Destiny, and 2 guys got up and sang.

So after the actual show, the club thinned out and then it just seemed to be a few guys, the staff, and a bunch of drag queens. Gusty Winds showed up and it was one of those rare NYC moments when you see a gaggle of Drag Queens sitting around shooting the shit and having fun. Each one started doing impromptu performances that were even better than their show numbers. The crowd was in hysterics! Then, my friend and coworker got up in his very male being and resurrected the performance queen in him doing one and a half numbers of Olivia Newton-John. I've have Xanadu and Magic stuck in my head all day long.

I am excited to know this part of him and am anxious to see if he does return to wigs and dresses! Anyway, last night, I saw Sharon Peters on stage. Welcome back!

Take a look at some pics of NYC Queens here.

Sans-a-Kate Slacks

Today, I took a subway trip downtown for some shopping. I wasn't really planning to buy anything, but I figured if something stuck out I'd get it.

I took the N to Union Square and on my quest for coffee walked through the East Village. Down 2nd Avenue - that was a bust. So, I walked west on Houston and ended up in NOHO. This was my first sighting of Chris "Sans-a-Kate" Robinson (you know, from the Black Crowes). He was good luck because right around the corner was the NOHO Coffee Truck. It was damn good coffee, too.

Coffee in hand, I started my way south on Broadway across Houston and into SOHO. I meandered through some shops, looking at mostly shoes (Remember, I am an admitted shoe whore [and I have been naught to buy all the shoes I have wanted since moving to NYC]). I went into the many Yellow Rat Bastard-owned stores looking for a Queens hoodie to replace the Brooklyn one I gave to K-Rocka. Alas, there was no Queens Pride among the stores except for one and they only carried one color and it was one I didn't want. So, I'll have to order something online. But it got me thinking, do I really want a Queens hoodie or should I just get something else?

I criss-crossed SOHO and then headed back up Broadway since it looked like it was going to downpour. My next destination was K-Mart at Astor Place, but along the way is Other Music. So, I stopped there.

A few minutes there and Chris "Sans-a-Kate" Robinson comes in. He was there the entire time I was there. I didn't pay much attention to him but he seemed like a cool guy. He was chatting up the guy who works there about new stuff and he had a handfull of stuff he was buying. I noticed a photographer in the store taking pics and didn't think anything more than promo shots for store ads, but then as I was leaving, I noticed that he was taking them of Chris and I was kinda angry. I mean, a guy wants to buy CDs and slack-off and not be bothered, right!!? So, I left and felt sorry for Chris as I was walking to K-Mart, because Chris doesn't have the same anonymity I have. When he left Other Music (possibly to go to K-Mart, too) that cameraman was going to follow him and take more pics.

Maybe he was trying to get some new music to make a hot mix CD to give to Kate to win her back.

So, after being in the shopping capital neighborhood of the world, I went to K-Mart and bought:

Catcher in the Rye is still keeping me company on my train ride.

I Left My Umbrella at Work

I remember when I was a kid playing in the rain, or getting caught in it walking home from the bus stop or a friends' house. I could see it off in the distance down the long, staight dirt roads in western Palm Beach County. A curtain-wall of water cutting across the landscape; a geometry of intersecting planes, lines, and rural sprawl. As it moved closer it draped everything in gray. Then the pelts would begin to wet the dusty road around me. The big drops would sting when they hit my skin, cold at first - I didn't mind the cleansing cool-down in the staunch heat - then, overtaken by the sun, just warm like the rest of the day.

Today, I walked home from the subway station in the rain. It reminded me of home. It wasn't rural sprawl surrounding me this time, just the urban kind. And although it was never warm, I didn't mind the coolness of it. I was soaked by the time I got to my apartment.

It was a rightful end to my day, really. I needed to wash off the workplace before my "weekend" starts. Let's hope it's a good one!

He Doesn't Have The Mustache, Anymore.

So I spotted Jack Black, his wife, Tanya Haden, and their son in the Museum today. I got a little excited when I noticed Mr. Black - but then I realized that the whole family was there and started dancing back and forth! Very cute.

Falling Down Stairs

Yesterday was the deluge on New York City from Ernesto. Of course, the small Museum at which I work was up and running. I walked to and fro the Subway in the rain. Being as I was in my rain jacket and had an umbrella, I was relatively dry when I got to work.

After work, Megs the West Virginian and I went to see Invincible. It is the movie with Mark Wahlberg playing the Eagles Receiver that makes the open try-outs. It is one of those Disney feel-good flicks that I would end up watching at my Mom's over the holidays on DVD. Heartwarming, but not something I actively seek out. Still, it is probably better than most swill in the theaters.

Afterward, walking in the rain, we made it back to Union Square. I said goodbye to Megs the West Virginian and hopped on the N Train.

At Astoria Boulevard, I exited the train and proceded to the stairs in the middle of the platform. It is an elevated platform, so you descend to get out of the station. At left is a photo of random subway stairs found on the internet. It may very well be the Astoria Boulevard stop stairs. They are worn down. Barely any tread, then there are lines welded on to make tread; which has also been worn down. I don't know if it was the first or second step but - SLIP!

Both of my feet slipped out from under me and down I went on my ass with my right arm going back to save me. I slipped down 3 or 4 steps and hit some guy (who didn't fall and kept walking).

There I was trying to get my bearings like a stunned Gopher Tortoise that was only brushed with a car wheel on its way across the highway. People stopped and turned. I don't know if anyone said anything because I had the jdPod plugged into my ears. I only stared back, wide eyed and pride broken.

I wasn't hurt and it would have been funny had friends been there to laugh at me (after they deemed me ok, of course). But it was only me and 20 strangers. I was embarrassed and just like Tai in Clueless when she fell down the stairs, I will also be "known as the [guy] who fell down the stairs, all night." Only, if won't be all night because I see these same neighborhood people all the time at the same platform. They will see me and say "Hey, there is that guy I told you fell down the stairs - what a jackass."


Damn my Adidas Sambas for selling me out to the treadless stairs. Today, I woke up sore. Physically and emotionally. Sore at my Adidas. So, today, I am wearing Pumas.

An Insensitive Son

My mother says I am too insensitive and this is the reason I don't have a boyfriend. Thanks, Mom. This comes after I related this story to her:

So, Tuesday night was a night out with some coworkers for a drag show. It was a friend of friends performing. Good show. 2 Queens performed. The friend of friends was great. The other was busted! So, after the show, we were waiting for our party to be ready to shimmy to the next venue when tall, alibi-less (and by alibi-less, I mean ugly) Engineer started talking to Timjamin and I. Fine, ok. So, the story goes, we invite him to the next place we go. TAE (Tall, alibi-less Engineer) seems like a nice guy. We are all chatting, etc, etc. The night is good.

Timjamin, TAE, and I hop in one of the cabs and head to the E.Vil. So, then TAE takes out his cell phone and is basically attached to it the entire trip downtown. Calling, talking, messages, texting - all of the possible cell uses. So, I start to think this guy is douche-y. It wasn't just the cell phone usage, it was what he was saying. It just turned me off.

So, Timjamin gets out on the street side of the cab and TAE and I get out on the curbside. I close the door. TAE drops his phone. We both look down just in time to see it hit the street and bounce into the gutter. The poor guy is just looking down and looks at me and says "I can't believe what just happened to my phone. It is like from right out of a movie."

I am beside myself in hysterics. But only on the inside. I was keeping it all on the inside. Then, Timjamin comes over and TAE has to explain what just happened to him. I bust out with the most evil grin that is doing nothing to contain the laughter fighting its way out. I hold back, though.

Later on in the evening, Timjamin comes over to me and another friend and says "Yeah, that guy is, like, totally crying."

"Oh my God! Over his phone?" I say.

"Yeah- yeah, I think so."

I couldn't help myself. I couldn't help myself. I just started laughing. Especially when I looked over at him in the club and saw him looking all sad sack. Thank goodness Timjamin and friend were there to console him for a few minutes before he snapped out of it and was a dancing machine again.

Was I being an insensitive ass? You tell me.

As insensitive as I am, I certainly paid for it over the next 2 days. I am off the juice for an indeterminate amount of time.

Neko Case is Sexier Than You

Wednesday and Thursday proved to be busy days for me, yet again.

Wednesday, I went to the Guggenheim. The special exhibit at the moment is Zaha Hadid (who is an Architect for those not in the know). The link to the exhibit is in the sidebar. I had seen the exhibit before, but my Museum Companion had not.

Zaha Hadid is an amazing mind. I took more time with the exhibit this time and will probably go a third time when Adam comes to town.

The rest of Wednesday included coffee with previously mentioned Museum Companion, a visit home, Project Runway viewing party with Megs D., and finally drinks with Museum Companion.
Thursday was laundry day, nappytime, and then concert at McCarren Pool in Williamsburg!

Martha Wainwright, Joanna Newsome, and Neko Case. Great line-up!!? OF COURSE!

It was raining/drizzling while Martha was up and I listened mostly from the cover or the entry way. It was enjoyable and I felt bad for her since it was raining through her set. Martha Wainwright has some assets when it comes to her legs (see photo at left) and she was accenting them with a hot pair of socks she said she got in France. "It was the only thing that fit me in France," she said. I just imagine her walking around her hotel room in only the tall, tight fitting French socks. French socks are damned hot!

Then Shannon and some other peeps came and we made our way to the crowd for Joanna Newsome, who did not play the song I wanted her to play (Peach, Plum, Pear) and instead played what seemed like 4 thirty minute songs. She went on forever. Turns out I only like Peach, Plum, Pear. I took the opportunity during one of her epic songs to go to the bathroom and heard some guy yelling "Take your harp and go home!" as I made my way through the back of the empty pool. Joanna plays the harp if you didn't get that.

Next up: NEKO CASE!!

I am a relatively new fan of the Case. I love the CDs. I've been to many good shows, but I hardly ever walk away thinking that a live show is better than the recorded music. Neko's show was amazing. The music was stronger and more defined live and her voice was spectacularly powerful. I am in love.
Neko is a little dirty on stage, talking about Unicorns and 12 year old girls fascinations with the mythical animals and their not knowing why. Unicorns were the main theme of her stage banter.

Baby, I Got Your Money

You know it is going to be a good day when the song playing on the iPod while you are walking into work is Ol' Dirty Bastard's Got Your Money.

A Week of Posts in One

Today, I woke up hungover. A rare occassion. Not a bad one, just one of those daze-y/foggy ones. No headache or anything. Here is my cure:

  • drink a few glasses of water upon waking.
  • ummm, shower.
  • since I work on S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y-s, I got ready.
  • listen to Ani DiFranco's new CD, Reprieve, and read Catcher in the Rye on my commute.
  • large iced coffee from Au Bon Pain.
  • a cuppa yogurt (vanilla) et granola.
  • more water, smartwater.

Onward and onward. I have been a busy man. I have been man busy. This week, I had Tuesday-Thursday off. It is always so nice to have an extra day off. But before I get into my days off let me tell you this:

I started Apartment/Catsitting on Monday. A 4 day stint. Seems easy, right? Lemme tell ya that this goddam housesitting gig was the most involved stuff ever. First off, the owners are both Doctors. The wife is a Psychiatrist. The husband, I have no idea what kinda doctor he is. I didn't meet him. I'll say more about that at the end. They are Polish and I have trouble saying their last name (as I only called her Dr. enterlongpolishlastnamehere). I don't think I said it the same way twice. The cats (quantity 4) have equally charming Polish names. I am taking liberties with their spellings: Bombelek, Roomtseis, Maloosha, and Krooshinka. Fantastic cats. Bombelek and Maloosha are Burmese cats. Very curious ones.

Feeding 4 cats twice a day doesn't sound so involved, right? Wait!

  • There are 4 different foods for them.
  • I have to give them all 2cc of Lysine paste a day.
  • One of them needs saline drops in his nose. Then his right canine tooth has to be brushed with an electric toothbush to induce sneezing.
  • The all have their own toothbrush and need brushing once a day or was it after every meal.
  • They get treats after meals. The ones that facilitate healthy teeth and gums (I should eat those).

I think that is it. So four days, twice a day. I stayed there a couple nights. That would have made it a bit easier. However, I was allergic to something in the apartment. I am thinking it was the potpourri in the master bath. I sneezed from the time I walked in to the time I left. It was rather annoying.

So, last night, I went to pick up my fee. I am greeted by Mrs. Dr. and as I enter I see Mr. Dr. (who I haven't met, right, but stayed in his home alone for 4 days) walking into the bedroom. Doesnt close the door. Just walks in and sits down and stays in there the whole time I am there. She goes into the room to get my fee, says something in Polish and then comes out and hands me the dough. Tell me whatya think of that?

So, what else do I have for you? Let'see. My days off.

  • Tuesday, I went home from the apartment sitting apartment and went to bed because I hadn't slept much the night before.
  • Wednesday, I met up with Kevin and hung out all day in the E.Vil. and SOHO. We didn't buy anything. Then, Tim met up with us and we went to Home Depot and bought some paint to paint his kitchen. Then we all headed up to Hamilton Heights and did that. It is red on two opposing walls. Awesome red. It looks good. How else would it look with 3 gays from an art museum handling it? So then, Kevin and I made our way to a friends for Project Runway viewing. We made it just in time. [spoiler alert] Can you believe that Vincent didn't get Auf'd and Alison did?? Whatevs Klum, et al.
  • Thursday, I did laundry and went to Target for some essentials. Underwear and T-shirts. This is also where I picked up the new Ani for $9.98 and I also got the new Christina Aguilera, Back to Basics. I'll say it, naysayers. I am a fan.

Not a day off, but last night, Friday, I went out with an old friend from my Compass days and her work friends. Hi Jason! I had a good time. I got home at 3 a.m. That brings us full circle.

Lastly, I'll give you my celeb-roll or recently sighted celebrities.

  • Joan Rivers, last Sunday, at a small Museum I might work at. She looked better than I thought she would.
  • Eric Nies, Wednesday, on Broadway and Bond Street. My first impression of this guy was that he was disgustingly tan. Then he passed me and I noticed Eric Nies. Remember MTV's The Grind, ya'll?
  • Brendan Sexton, III, Wednesday night on 3rd Ave and 27th. Loved him in Welcome to the Dollhouse and Empire Records. He looked like he came outta the trailer park, though.
  • Bebe Neuwirth, Friday, on 6th Ave at 55th Street. I totally almost flamed out when I saw her. I kept my cool though. She looked damned amazing, though!

August must bring them out. The tourists and celebs have taken over Manhattan.

Best. Celebrity. Sighting. Ever.

Today, at the small Museum in which I work, Jake Epstein who plays Craig Manning on Degrassi, The Next Generation was sighted.

This has made me so miss having a television.

A Mid-Summer Night's Dream

Last night, I dreamt that I was in a movie with Macaulay Caulkin. He was jealous that I was the lead.

I walked up to a group of fellow actors and friends. There was a serious tone to the group and surprise that I was there. They told me that I was dead. I believed them to mean I was dead in the movie. That my character gets killed off. But it wasn't in the movie; I was dead and Macaulay Caulkin had killed me.

In a flashback, I saw myself being ambushed by the man who was the boy-actor from Home Alone. I love Home Alone, the first one (and secretly the second). There was a struggle. I saw myself fighting the man that made a comeback with such great films as Party Monster and Saved! Two amazing movies. Macaulay Caulkin outpowered me and, holding me from behind, shot me in the back of the head.

I can't say that I died in my dream, because I shot up in bed with excrutiating leg pain. Leg cramps. I didn't make any noise and there were no tears. If I had cried out, it would have hurt much more. I recovered from the cramp and got up to get the bottle of water on my desk.

My legs have been hurting all day. Sore from the contortions the muscles do when dehydrated.

iMix: Summer 2006

Falling Through the Floor
  1. Did I Step On Your Trumpet/Danielson
  2. A Summer's Night/Jens Lekman
  3. Steady, As She Goes (Acoustic Version)/The Raconteurs
  4. Standing in the Way Of Control/The Gossip
  5. Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn/Hellogoodbye
  6. I Don't Want to Fall In Love/She Wants Revenge
  7. Living in America/The Sounds
  8. Peach, Plum, Pear/Joanna Newsome
  9. Ohio/Cocorosie
  10. The Truth About Cats and Dogs (Is That They Die)/Pony Up!
  11. Cheated Hearts/Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  12. It's Alright/The Picture
  13. Song Song Song/Final Fantasy
  14. I Write Sins Not Tragedies/Panic! At the Disco
  15. Pyrite Pyramid/Pretty Girls Make Graves
  16. Hyperballad/Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  17. Ocean Breathes Salty/Sun Kil Moon
  18. Exodus Damage/John Vanderslice
  19. Calm/Maritime
  20. Cold On Me/Ringside

Standing on the Ceiling

  1. Black Swan/Thom Yorke
  2. Dangerous/Panda & Angel
  3. I Was a Lover/TV on the Radio
  4. Blackout/Lovedrug
  5. Owner of a Lonely Heart/Grizzly Bear
  6. Alone Again Or/Calexico
  7. In My Head/The Ballet
  8. Off With His Cardigan/The Lucksmiths
  9. A Higher Power/Jens Lekman
  10. For Real/Okkervil River
  11. On the Radio/Gary Reynolds & The Brides of Obscurity
  12. Girl and the Sea/The Presets
  13. T-shirt Weather/The Lucksmiths
  14. On a Neck, On a Spit/Grizzly Bear
  15. Insistor/Tapes 'n Tapes
  16. How I Remember/David Bazan

The Giant Squid and the Unicorn

So, Blog here messed up a little and I deleted some posts to set it right. I forgot what they were already so this is basically an update post:

Wednesday 07.19: After work Megs the Unicorn and I ventured to Central Park to see the Upright Citizens Brigade show at Summerstage! We met up with pallies, Ivy and Shannon. We were disappointed the show was not improv but it was a good show of stand-up comedy, nonetheless. Highlights: Paul Sheer and Rob Huebel as the MCs playing Central Park Park Rangers and Aziz Ansari doing his R. Kelly bit. Goodtimes, goodtimes.

Thursday 07.20: I was suppose to go to a work event celebrating people employed 20 years or more. 3 people in my department, my boss being one of them. (Congrats, ya'll). I opted out and went to a screening of the M. Night Shyamalan Lady in the Water flick at the Director's Guild Theater (Thank you, Todd of Beware of the Blog/Beware of the Babylon Podcast for the invitation). My review: Fantastically terrible. Everyone should see this movie to finally know what a fraud M. Night Shyamalan is as a writer. I'll give him props for some of the camera work, but it turned out to be pretty futile in saving the film. A Scanner Darkly still holds as the worst. movie. ever. (at least for this summer).

Strange Currencies

I am exhausted. The summer in NYC is miserable and beautiful. The day is unbearable and hot, so hot. I'll take upper 90s in South Florida over 93 degrees here, anyday.

What sucks for pale people like me and other people not into heat or the sun:

  • It is bright. My eyes cannot take it being so bright. I squint, which we all know causes crow's feet. I need sunglasses.
  • Shade is hard to find. I try to walk on the side of the street that is shaded and not getting direct light.
  • Light surfaces reflect and blind. Concretes, glass, tiles - NYC loves this stuff!
  • Concrete and brick absorbs and emits. After absorbing heat all day long, it lets heat off all night long.
  • I think you could cook in the subway station if left long enough.

Good things about summer in NYC:

  • I don't have to wear a billion layers.
  • The evenings and nights are generally nice to be out in, unless it is humid as all get out.
  • People are out. Tourists are here. You can check people out more readily.

The heat is getting to me. Things are getting to me.

These words...

I saw Ani DiFranco last night at Summer Stage in Central Park. It is the 4th or 5th time I've been to her show. First time I've seen an outdoor performance. She was really good last night. She hit that groove and stayed in it. Played a few favorites: Little Plastic Castle, Evolve, As Is. Played some new ones. Had a nice mix of slow and upbeat. Good times, good times.

In other news: I have a man crush. This doesn't happen very often. Crushes are weird. They galvanize me. They heighten my self-awareness and make me want to be a better person.

I am eating better. I am more conscious about what I put into my body. I groom more. I started to exercise. I am more productive at work.

If only there were always a looming crush in my life.

Worst. Movie. Ever.

Shannon and I went to see A Scanner Darkly after work, yesterday. Terrible, terrible film. When the lights went up and the credits began to roll I was stunned I had just seen an hour and 50 minute anti-drug infomercial along the lines of: This is your brain. This is your brain on Substance D. Any questions?

YES! How did this dumbass movie get funding??

The only redeeming quality of this film is Winona Ryder (and a little Robert Downey Jr. because I have a lways had a thing for him).

Liking only one performance in a film is a little like liking only one chapter from a book. Which book did that for me? The Informers by Bret Easton Ellis. Which chapter? Chapter 8.

But the good thing of liking only one chapter from a book is that you can read only that chapter and skip the rest. I can not watch only Winona and skip Keanu, et al. and the terrible plot.

Watch at your own risk!

Missed Connections Thursday

This is a joint post with Jen and I. She posted hers on her myspace page. Apparently it wasn't good enough for That's What SHE Said! What Jen wrote is in maroon. The rest in black I added.

There is an internet-based phenomenon called the Missed Connection. People post anonymous ads seeking another person who may or may not have noticed you as well. Did that beautiful girl give you eyes as she exited the F train this morning? Missed Connection. Hot go-go boy give you an extra long dance lesson? Missed Connection.

No one knows the success rate of the MC, but as long as people remain timid and insecure, you can bet that the Missed Connection will exist. Occasionally youll come across one that is obviously a joke (i.e. MC with Democrats in the White House), and they make your day by reaffirming the presence of wit in humanity. Some are rants, cries of tormented relationships, or proclamations of love.

My buddy Jen and I had such an epic day yesterday that we decided to jointly post all the connections that wed missed, starting from our individual mornings, continuing when we met up, and concluding in Astoria and Bushwick, respectively. Lame? I think not!

MC with Cute Guys in Astoria, QNS - m4m (Astoria and N/W Trains)

Who knew that there were so many attractive gay men in Astoria? Now, I just need to meet them.

Hey Japanese doughnut dance girl! - wm4w

I know you must be bored out of your mind, stuck at mom and dads job while school is out for summer. The way you jumped around, giggling like mad really made my day. Care to teach me that chocolate-with-sprinkles dance?

Bob Saget - wm4m (E. Village)

Hey hunky middle-aged man with the nice pecs! It was a pleasure bumping into you as you hung out on 5th Street. Did you know you've been a part of our lives since the 80s?

Hot jogger! - wm4m (
Manhattan Greenway track)

We both checked you out as we walked. Nice bod, nice stride, nice dog. You passed us quickly, leaving us to admire the view from the back. And then, the clincher: your dog stopped abruptly and popped a squat, dropping a huge load. I promise we were laughing with you! Let's get a drink? Bring

Preppy girl with Maltese - wm4w (by the

Your little white dog found the last blade of wild grass in Manhattan. Refreshing to meet nice strangers once in a while.

You fell off your scooter... - wm4m

...and screamed like a banshee! Geeze, are you a bitch or a man?!

Guy at
Steamers Landing - wm4m

You were sitting at the bar by the window, talking to a friend, spread-eagle! Thanks for the show!

Four stupid girls on line at Mates of State - wm4m (
Battery Park)

First you had the nerve to cut us in line. Then you made us want to puncture our own eardrums with your ridiculous conversations. Mommy must be real proud of her hip indie daughters. Why dont you ask to borrow the American Express and buy a sense of fashion?

Calf tat: "Live free" - wm4w (Castle Clinton)

You have a crest on the back of your right leg. It has two banners across bearing the words "Live free or die" and "with no regrets." Do you need some grammar lessons? Shoot us an email we can help.

You were young and cute. - wm4m

Blond, fit, looked like a party boy. You seemed very interested in the birds we were feeding. The guy on the other end of the leash didnt look that bad, either.

Mates of State. - wm4m (Castle Clinton)

What a beautiful day for a show! Were big fans of your bouncy music and lovey-dovey lyrics, even if we cant sing along to every song. If only the stage were a bit higher, we wouldve been able to actually see you. If only the teenyboppers werent in the way. If only...

Cutie at Key Foods Fresh/Newton Avenue - m4m (Astoria)

Tall, dirty blonde hair, plaid shirt. I'll come over and make you dinner.

The Long Island Life

Monday night, Shannon Murphy called me and invited me to her parents' house with her and some other friends for the 4th! I said yes. So, further out on the Island we went...

It was only about a 45-50 minute drive from the City. I've said this before: it is weird how quickly it becomes suburban as you leave the city.

Shannon's parents' house was amazing! and fun! Beer and BBQ (Shannon's mom made me pasta! How amazing is that??!) Kayaking, and golfing in the backyard and fireworks at the marina! It made me miss the 'burbs and my Mom!

I miss you, Mom!

Happy Independence Day, everyone!

Scratch and Sniff

It is a good thing I have Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday off this week. I am starting to feel sick and will probably need bed rest.

Stupid sore throat.

I need a boyfriend to come over and pet my hair and read to me. Heck, I would settle for a boyfriend that would call and ask how I was feeling.

Being sick makes me feel all clingy and needy. Yet, I tend to shut everyone and everything off and hole up in my bedroom only coming out for liquids and something to eat so that I don't die.

Let's hope it doesn't get that bad. But if you are a guy willing to come over and pet my hair and read to me, please apply.

Celebrate Brooklyn!

Okay! So I moved out of Brooklyn. It doesn't mean that I can't enjoy a free concert in Prospect Park.

Last night was TV on the Radio at the Celebrate Brooklyn summer concert series. The opening bands I won't name as they were seriously generic.

TV on the Radio...

What can I say, I love their CDs. They meticulously handcraft layered constructions of music for my listening enjoyment. It is something special at the scale of the compact disc or iPod listened to individually or in a small group. Sadly, those tight, detailed constructions all fell down when presented live and to a grander audience.

Safety first TV...

I'll still deftly acquire their upcoming album: Return to Cookie Mountain.

Things I've Done Since Sunday

Since my Gay Pride Sunday, I've had several adventures worth shaking a stick at.

Monday was catch up on sleep night, so we will skip that one.

Tuesday was Department Party on a Boat night. It was really fun. You can read more about that at That's What SHE Said. The only thing I have to add is that I did the Hustle with my boss.

Last night, I met up with Tim and Megan at Veselka in the East Village (corner of 2nd Avenue and 9th Street - if you are in the City and want to go). Tim was there first and we waited outside in the sweltering humidity for Megan, who was having train trouble. As we were waiting, I turned to look down 2nd and this blonde with huge sunglasses walks by. I turn to Tim and we both say "That's Chloe Sevigny." Ya'll know I love me some Chloe. She is a good actress AND better yet, she dresses like crap and doesn't give a rat's ass. Check out her Fug page.

Yesterday evening was no exception. Some dark baggy dress that looked like a sack tied at the waist. It was beautiful. She was going to Village Farm Grocery across the street to get some food. Oh, I love you Ms. Sevigny.

So, we had dinner at Veselka and walked our way to Union Square to see Sandra Bernhard's one woman show: Everything Bad & Beautiful. It was really good and great to see Sandra, again (Remember that date I had and we were sitting 2 feet from her and her family). She looked good, too.

I'm a Man With Conviction

While I was walking down Ditmars Avenue, today in Astoria, Queens, someone yelled out of the passenger seat of a pick-up truck (looked like a group of construction workers) the word "fag." Since I was the only one around it had to have been directed at me.

The only thing I could think of saying in response was "Why don't you come and say that to my dick!"

I said this as the light turned green and they drove off, but I know they heard it and I saw the look on the guy's face. He was surprised I said something.

That's Me in the Corner

I came out to my lesbian cousin when I was 16 years old. It was still a hard thing to do. I was in the passenger seat of her Honda Accord continuously sighing, trying to muster up the vocalization of what I knew in my heart (and loins). I didn't tell her that night even after she prolonged going home to see if I needed more time. The next day while running errands together she tricked me into telling her by saying she had had a dream that night that I came out to her and that we went out to some gay club after and had a blast. She got out of the car to pick up some dry cleaning. She got back in and all I said was "I am."

She had told me she was a lesbian a few years earlier by dropping hints about a story run of a gay character in the newspaper daily comic For Better or For Worse and a few weeks later telling me she was going to Washington D.C. to attend the '93 March on Washington because, in fact, she was a lesbian. Well duh-, I thought.

A few months later at 17, I was telling my mother. I had gotten a book out of my high school library. It was a thin, blue hardcover. There was a drummer boy pressed in dark ink on the cover, along with the title. If I recall it was something like "A Different Drummer: Accepting Your Homosexuality" or some such. (I looked on Amazon and can't find anything close). I handed her the book. She took it and asked why I was reading it. I responded "Because, I am that way."

I was a scared seventeen year old with bad skin handing my mom a book about being gay. Exposed and raw. "No you are not" she said.

Twelve years later, she calls and asks me how my love life is. She is awesome.

Yesterday was the annual NYC Gay Pride Day Parade and Festival. All gay parades and festivals are the same. No matter where they are. This one just happens to be bigger than most.

Highlights of the day:
  • Brunch at Terrace 5 (granted it is in the Museum, it is still yummy food)
  • Gay Bavarians! Hot! Lederhosen! Slappy hand dance!
  • Frozen Margarita! (one)
  • Friends: Tim, Kevin, Jen (of That's what SHE Said fame!), Killer, Silan!
  • The Waldorf-Astoria.

Yeah, that's right, the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. One of Tim's friends had a room there, that was upgraded to a Suite - with a terrace as big as my last apartment. We took lots of cool photos and I'll post some as soon as Kevin emails them to me. "Dah-ling I love you but give me Park Avenue."

After a while, pizza was ordered and delived to the suite. Sweet!

Kevin and Tim headed back downtown to go to The Cock. I strolled up Lexington to 60th and caught the N/W home to Astoria.

Drinking By Myself

This morning, I started out with a commute revisiting the Silent Alarm album by Bloc Party. I think it is time for a resurrection of this fantastic album.

I was in the Union Square Virgin Megastore the other night for two hours from 10:00 P.M. to 12:00 A.M. (There are no 24 Hour Grocery stores in NYC, but Music stores are open all hours of the night). I was gift shopping. Usually, I can pick an album in less than 20 minutes and be done with it, but everything I wanted to buy as the gift was really just something I wanted for me. So, I thought I would make a list. Please feel free to buy me or burn me a copy. (kinda kidding...kinda...)

  1. Danielson - Ships
  2. Jens Lekman - Oh You're So Silent, Jens
  3. Joanna Newsome - The Milk-Eyed Mender
  4. TV on the Radio - Return to Cookie Mountain
  5. Final Fantasy - He Poos Clouds

Being big fans of Rilo Kiley, I ended up getting my friend the Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins Rabbit Fur Coat album.

Back to my commute. I notice that, even though I have lint rolled them, my pants are covered in cat hair. Thanks Hoot. So, I decide that I should swing by Duane Reade to get a Lint Roller for my dilemma and also, it is a good thing to have at your desk. So, I get off at Fifth Avenue and proceed to the exit. As I am taking the stairs, I stumble. I am already holding the railing with one hand and I awkwardly heave forward and grab on with my other hand. I don't fall and I am fantastically entertained by my own trip up the stairs. I turn to see if there is anyone else around. There is. An attractive woman about my age with a huge smile - as big as mine. If I was straight it would have been opportune flirting time but I instead exclaim gayly "I'm so glad someone else was around to witness my ridiculousness!"

I think she was disappointed to figure out I am a big 'MO. This city must be full of little disappointments like that for women.

So, the Bloc Party... I thought the lyric in the song Like Eating Glass was "Like drinking by yourself, like eating glass". Today I figured out it is actually "Like drinking poison, like eating glass".

On the walk home after the subway dropped me off, I met an elderly woman in some brightly colored traditional robes. I am thinking Indian or Pakistani, but am totally not sure. Her bags were much too heavy for her and she kept putting them down, resting, picking them back up - only to put them down again. As I got closer to her, she had left two bags, walked two others about eight feet and was coming back for the other two. I unplugged my ears from the jdPod and asked her if she needed help. She gratefully accepted. I carried all her bags less than a block to her apartment building and put them down on the stoop. She shook my hand. As I turned to walk away a neighbor-woman walking her dog stopped and asked the woman who I was.

I turned around and they were both looking my way and smiling.

Things I learned today:

  1. Bloc Party put out a damn catchy album last year.
  2. The lyrics I've been singing for that year were wrong.
  3. I can crush women's dreams of finding true love in the city.
  4. I can renew a woman's confidence in men, and maybe humanity.

Are You at the Theater, Jacques?

Tuesday, I filled in as a "Drink Monitor" at the Herzog & De Meuron Artist Choice Opening Reception. "Working" the event is not unlike attending the event. The only difference is that I stand in once place and tell people they cannot take their drinks past a certain point. Everyone still comes by to see me. Everyone brings me drinks.

With my Architecture education, Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron are big names in my book. They were part of the group of big name people crammed down our throats as good Architecture. All design is subjective. However, I am a H&dM fan. Check out what wikipedia has to say about them.

I recognized Jacques Herzog right away. He walked past me and went up the escalator. He was wearing all black as all good Architects do. As he went up the escalator he picked a big wedge. Not attractive, Jacques.

Later, I saw him with whom I thought was Pierre de Meuron. I thought he was super cute. So I called my Adam my Architecture bud still in school and told him I was standing next to H&dM and De Meuron is HOT! Turns out it wasn't de Meuron but he was still very attractive. I don't think dM was there.

I also met Ryan McGinness and his wife. Awesome people. Check out his website here.

A Week in Review

Last Monday, I moved. Everything smooth. Shannon and I had moderate complaints and decided that we hadn't complained enough, so we saved it for Tuesday at work. I still feel like I didn't complain enough, so it must've been a good move. I was fully unpacked by Thursday.

Wednesday night, I had a wonderful dinner with a Volunteer and Megan at Po on Cornelia Street. It was so amazingly delicious.

Thursday night, I went to the Dada opening and got drunk with some co-workers and Volunteers. It was an interesting walk/subway ride back home with three drunk straight girls and one of their brothers "rushing" to get to the Beergarden, yet hailing every cab and not getting it, stopping for preztels and other snacks, and then one by one dropping off of the Beergarden Wagon.

Friday! Was Happy Birthday Dim Sum with Ivy Paisner. Dim Sum a Go Go in Chinatown. Yum!

Saturday morning I left for Gainesville. 7:50 a.m. flight. 2 hours in the air. Met at the airport by Kristen and Angie and 2 hour car ride home. Gainesville festivities included a haircut, Bahn Thai, bowling (ugh!), and Nacho Libre.

Sunday I was driven 2 hours back to Tampa and 2 hours in the plane later I was back in NYC!

So, that was my week. Each one deserves it's own post, but they are far to gone for that. I would have taken photos but my batteries died and KMart scammed me into paying the same amount for one battery as I do for two (my camera takes two, but did I know that before I bought the battery? No!). Fuck KMart (especially the one at Astor Place).

I am ready for work.

Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid is an amazing Architect. The United States should be so lucky to continue building her designs. Currently, the only built work of Hadid's is the Rosenthal Centre for Contemporary Art in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Those in New York for the next couple months can head over to the scaffold-cocooned Guggenheim Museum where the spiral is dedicated to the major exhibition of her work, built and not built. From small scale sketches to 4x10 hand-painted canvases. Models, computer renderings.

My only complaint about this show is that it is in the Guggenheim, a Museum that does not lend itself to easily viewing Architecture exhibitions.

Witness Williamsburg (Reprise)

I lament on my year in Williamsburg.

Last June, I was in the process of moving from Any-College-Town, USA to this enclave of Brooklyn across the East River from Manhattan's East Village and Lower East Side neighborhoods. Exciting times, of course, but not easy. I never thought it would be easy, so don't think I was surprised.

To begin, my month-and-a-week run of unemployment and job searching was most stressful. Applying for jobs I was overqualified for and being overlooked. Awkwardly interviewing for positions and not being called back like I was a bad date. Being offered jobs that paid less than I made in my pre-degree days in Florida. Sound familiar? It is a machine and everyone goes through it, I guess. Then like magic, I found a posting on an institution website, half-heartedly applied thinking I would never be contacted, and was contacted the next day.

But back to Williamsburg and my apartment. Roommate and I soon figured that we were not going to renew the lease and did little to make the apartment homey. After a year, I am still mostly furnitureless and I am still sleeping on an air mattress. Who wants to move all that crap? So I just didn't bother getting it.

Why did we decide not to renew the lease? I'm sure I've mentioned the reasons many times throughout the blog but where is a short list:

  1. Leaks in the roof. (Granted, they fixed them, but they did not fix the water damaged bathroom wall.
  2. Waterfall gushing leaks in the rusted steel window headers of the bedroom windows in the very weathered and damaged brick bearing wall.
  3. The floors slope in from the sides, badly.
  4. The See You Next Tuesdays that live downstairs.
  5. The filthyness that is our street.

There is so much more. Just not things to be discussed here.

Williamsburg is dirty and full of dirty people. It is overrated and overpriced.

Reseaching My New 'Hood

Here is what Wikipedia has to say about Astoria, Queens.

Map of Astoria circa 1873:

If you can read it, I'll be living on what used to be Willow Street.

I'll Sacrifice Tomorrow Just To Have You Here Today

As the last days of Spring are murdered in the renewed city heat, Summer 2006 brings some milestones and transitions:

  1. June 12th is moving day. I am moving to the borough of Queens! Astoria to be exact. Two new roommates and way cheaper rent. More details to come on the apartment, roommates, and neighborhood at a later date.
  2. June 29th marks my One Year Anniversary of living in New York City. It hardly feels long enough to constitute a full year. Not to contridict Madonna, but time-goes-by-so quickly here and I don't think it is just the "New York Minute." Time is counted and scarred by constant seasonal changes. It makes you pay attention to months more, whereas in Florida you can pretty much just ignore what month it is as it pretty much feels the same.

In Time You Will Call Me Master

As I live and breath heavily controlled Museum air, I was urged to choose the Dark Side, today.

As I was visiting Volunteers, I looked up and could hear the notorious breathing as if he were walking right beside the Emperor. Everything stopped for a second...

...and then Ian McDiarmid walked away.

Someone's Sneaking Quiet as a Mouse

Dear Naima,

Was that you walking though the Lorimer L Station the other day?


Jerry Stiller Walks into a Museum...

So, I am almost a full week late in posting this. Last Sunday, I am at the Film Desk chit-chatting with my Volunteer that helps out there and Jerry Stiller walks in. Amazingly cool with his sunglasses on top of his glasses. He moves them to the top of his head. He asks the Volunteer about some film, he is on the guestlist, etc. He is visibly flustered. The Volunteer asks what his name is. He finds this amusing and shoots me a smile (because obviously I know who he is, as do the two other people sitting at the desk). She finds his name on the list. But the ticketing person has already given him the ticket.

He asks where he can get some coffee. The Volunteer says that there is a Starbucks down the street. Jerry doesn't have time for Starbucks. So, there is coffee in the Museum, maybe, if the Cafe is still open. But he needs a Museum ticket, which the person ticketing hands him. He is on his disoriented way. "Where do I go? Where do I go? Several people are helping him find his way. It was hilarious.

Day Off, Number Two

Of course, I have been emailing and talking to friends about the Gilmore Girls Season Finale last night. Here is a great photo of Liza Weil (Paris) and Coco Gordon Moore (yes, of the Sonic Youth Gordon-Moores). Sonic Youth was one of the many musical guest stars on last nights show.

Now that Gilmore Girls is over for the season, all I'll have to satisfy my junk food cravings are the ABC Family repeats.

Being early in the day, I would say I have great plans and that I am not watching television and taking a nap later on - but that would make me a liar. I would go to a park and read or something, but it is rather windy and cold for Spring (for my tastes, anyway).

Day Off, Number One

I woke up at 7:14 a.m., today. Stayed in bed for another good hour or so. I moved out onto the ney-ney futon and wrapped myself in the green hoodie and blankets. Television offered me nothing, but I watched some second tier items on the DVR. 11:00 a.m. came around and I decided that it was nap time. I woke up at 4:00 p.m. That was one hardcore nap.

In 40 minutes or so, I am going to the Gilmore Girls Season Finale viewing party at a friend's place.

Three Day Weekend

My plans for my three day weekend (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) bring to mind this image:

Hands Off My Precious

Walking around the 'burg last night we stumbled upon a filming...
"We are about to roll", the PA said, as we walked by.

So we walked on by and we passed this guy on the corner, and he turned to look at us...
His huge blue eyes bored into our souls and tried to steal them.

As we turned the corner he followed us with his eyes - and then I realized it was Elijah Wood.

Frodo tried to steal my soul.

Ben Lee is the New Sleep

Last Monday, someone gave me free tickets to see Ben Lee at Irving Plaza. I like Ben Lee's music enough and it was free so there was nothing to lose but some time. I asked my jet-lagged boss who declined. Another co-worker accepted, but wanked out later on. Several people later, I finally got someone to say yes.

Randy and I go way back. Palm Beach County, Food Not Bombs. We were part of the crew that held it down. Okay, she isn't familiar with Ben Lee but I am not a huge fan - so we make plans to meet up.

I go home, shower, change, head to her apartment in Grammercy Park. We hang out with her roommate (also from PBC FNB) for a bit while she decides what to wear and then are off to Irving Plaza.

The show is sponsored by a beer company so we get the special. I can't finish it because it is too heavy and I am still recovering from my weekend. We comment at how funny looking Ben Lee is, stand through the first boring opening act, and then underbreath heckle the second one. High-school-journal lyrics, bad 1980's showtune style vocals. Bad and boring.

The Benn Lee portion finally starts with a Kermit the Frog recording of Rainbow Connection. Ben Lee takes the stage and starts off with a good song and his band joins in toward the end.

Second song is a bit boring. Third song, boring. Fourth song is my curring Ben Lee favorite and has made it on several mixes I've made lately: Gamble Everything For Love. Fifth song is pretty bad and my feet are now killing me so I lean into Randy and say that we don't have to stay. She says "Let's wait for the next song."

Sixth song comes on and a few lines into it Randy leans over and says "let's get out of here," so we snake our way through the crowd and onto the Street. We make a few phone calls but nothing is going on and we decide to head to our respective homes.

Both of us newly Thirty last Piscean cycle, we feel pretty lame calling it a night at 11:00 P.M. It is a "school" night and I was stall licking my wounds from Saturday, so I felt justified.

Mamas Don't Let Your James's Grow Up To Be Cowboys

Last Saturday, I worked until 8:00 P.M. for extended hours and as I was leaving stumbled upon an event with open bar. I met up with a few co-workers and friends and chit-chatted managing about 6 drinks before popping off to the 1 Train for Morningside Heights and Jessica's old apartment.

Quite the buzz was stirring and I called Roommate to let her know that I was on my way to the party. Only I mis-dialed her Mother. A short, yet awkward conversation later and I was talking to Roommate and on my iPod listening way.

I made it to the Second Annual Buckskin Bonanza at 5C (a Cowboy themed party to which I did not adhere) in one piece and enjoyed the evening - albeit I was milking one drink the entire night. I was totally hitting on the geekiest (and nicest) guy there, totally slipped him my card (and he never called or emailed - that bastard!), and faded into the night as my alcoholic intake caught up with me. After many a bitchy comment overheard, discussed, and said, Roommate and I announced our departure and gathered our Todd for a Taxi Downtown.

Roommate, Todd, and I ambled around the corner and hailed a cab on Broadway and Tiemann. It was one of the mini-van cabs - so we were psyched. We got off at 14th Street to catch the L and Todd headed around to the East Vil.

3:50 A.M. is one helluva time to get home when you have to go to work the next morning, but hungover I did - and I lived to tell about it.

Return of the Gangsta

Last night, Jessica made her big return to NYC for a short weekend visit with us. It was a complicated reunion involving her Ex-Roommate picking her up in Newark and Roommate and I meeting them out on the Lower East Side.

Roommate and I got to the LES first, as it is only one stop away from our humble 'Burg apartment, and we decided to walk around instead of heading into the bar we were meeting them at.

While we were walking down Rivington Street (at Ludlow St.) who should I see? My teen dream Michael Stipe, who I assume is his very cute boyfriend, and Patti Smith! Granted I just saw Michael and friends at the Bring 'Em Home Now Concert as few weeks ago, this is by far my best sighting of celebrities EVER. Punk Rock Queen Patti Smith and Modern Rock pioneer Michael Stipe!? Amazing. He looked pretty good, too with his Kangol style cap on, and Patti looked amazing, too. She hasn't aged in 30 years, I don't think - but she has an ancient and wise Woodstork feel about her.

So, flying high having seen some great people I have admired for a rather long time, Roommate and I went to the bar and met up with Jessica and her Ex-Roommate. Why this particular bar? It is the "Party" that a friend of Jessica and Ex-Roommate puts on. So, visits with the DJ who plays nothing but House, a Beer, and some laughs at the local happy hour leftovers (guys dancing in the work suits are NOT sexy!) and we were out.

J Train over the bridge to the BK and were home.

They Don't Love You Like I Love You

I found this great map of Brooklyn Neighborhoods. Thought I would share it. I live about where the "A" is in Williamsburg.

I Give Myself To Sin Again

I once went on a date to see The Passion of The Christ with a Jew. His idea not mine.

After such a painful viewing, I felt kinda guilty making out with him in my car.

Space Oddity

The best thing I overheard today:
"Were you in Cuba in 1957?"

and as many of you know I think it is grosser than gross to see people eating on the Subway. The culprit this time?

Store-bought sushi with chopsticks. He was full-on into the
meal, too, opening packets of soy sauce with his mouth, wasabi applications,

Oh yeah - that couldn't wait to get home.

A Man and His Feet

Ed Norton was about in the Museum, today. Hope he and his friends enjoyed the Edvard Munch exhibition.

The Angels Want To Wear My Red Shoes

My favorite shoes are a pair of red Adidas Sambas, size 12. I got them my first year in Architecture school. Architecture students (any of the design fields, really) always have the best shoes. It is fact and has been observed by many on many campuses throughout the world.

My shoes have been many places and seen a lot. Last Thursday, we went to see the Matthew Barney film Drawing Restraint 9 starring Matthew Barney and Björk. What the New York Times calls a "conceptual-nautical-ritual romance, or maybe a Shinto-shipboard-sculptural tryst", I call crap.

Not having seen anything by M. Barney, nor being familiar with any of his work, I was excited to see something that evoked so much disdain and opinion in my co-workers. Would I love it? Hate it? Ambivalence?

The movie-going experience as a whole was a good one. I met my movie companion in front of the IFC Center and we purchased our tickets and went to a nearby diner. Afterward, we got back to the theater and took our seats shortly after. Comfy, but not so much so that I wanted to sleep in them.

There was a film short to start, from the Museum of Modern Art collection. I forget the director but it was all images from Odilon Redon.

Back to Drawing Restraint 9: Self-indulgent, simple, and predictable. This film touched on several themes such as people's relationship to nature, and the dichotomies of guest and host, and freedom and restraint. Nothing new is said about these subjects and they are presented in a terribly mundane and sometimes excruciating way: various scenes of procession in the film that seem to create a mating ritual between Barney and Björk:
  1. People in costume in parades
  2. dock workers preparing the ship
  3. the formation of a petroleum sculpture
  4. the collection of Barney and Björk from seperate places and their travel on seperate boats to unite on a new one

The climax of the film is a tea ceremony between the Captain and Barney and Björk. Here you'll hear some of the only dialogue in the film in Japanese, Icelandic, and English. I wanted to rip the flesh from my wrists this scene was so draggingly slow and painful. The "love scene" follows and the regressions begin:

  1. the freeing of the petroleum sculpture from it's form and it's subsequent collapse.
  2. Barney and Björk transcending their bodies and becoming whale-like creatures
  3. the deterioration and collapse of the dock

Björk is a genius. She is an amazingly talented person. Get the soundtrack from the Library and give in a listen. Otherwise, just listen to Medulla or Homogenic, again.

Matthew Barney is an Ivy League educated hack with nothing new to say. Check out some Damien Hirst pieces instead, or if you are looking to see a film I hear Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift is coming soon.

I Want To See Your Asian Eyes

Some funny things that have been said to me lately in the course of my life:

  • James, you have very Asian eyes. You should have those tests that Oprah had to find out where in the world your DNA comes from.
  • What is the admission price for the free night?
  • Have you been eating salmon? (pronounced solmen). [Funny because it was pronounced wrong and I am a vegetarian and don't eat fish. I laughed and kinda embarrassed the guy (co-worker) - Good thing I am off the next 2 days. ]

I'm sure there are more to come....