Damian in the White City

I've never been to Chicago, I am an East Coast boy. There was never any need to visit growing up; there was no family, no friends.

Chicago has been a recurring theme since moving to New York City. It has been the subject of friends' present and future homes, books I have read, visits of friends and coworkers.

The book I recently read was nothing short of amazing. A very good friend of mine said of the book that she "gets a very good feeling when I hold it." The Devil in the White City, by Erik Larson is that book.

After reading this book and becoming so enamored with Chicago, I have very much wanted to see it close up. Wow, a White City?!

I got a chance to "see" the city of Chicago as my flights for the Christmas holidays took me through O'Hare. From New York City the flight plan took us northwest to London, Ontario, through southern Michigan, and then our decent over Lake Michigan into Chicago. The clouds covered the entire sky below the plane and looked like you could fall into them and sleep the most comfortable sleep. As the clouds opened up, you could see the lake underneath and as you looked out you found a discovery in the clouds. A beautiful city rising above the white, floating.

Chicago was covered in fog and snow. We made our decent and dark lines in the white became the scraped and salted roads. It was the only thing other than the white.

About an hour later, I headed for another white city...

The Death of an Aerobed

Dearly beloved,

We are gathered here today to get through this thing called life. Electric word: life, it means forever and that's a mighty long time. But I'm here to tell ya there's something else...

Borrowed from a generous friend, the Aerobed was with James for 5 months. How do we measure, measure five months? In sleeping? In laying? In sheets and pillow cases? In reading and napping on free afternoons. Two hundred nineteen thousand and no other minutes. How do we measure the life of James' Aerobed?

I think Mystikal exemplifies the chasm of loss one feels during the grieving process in his rap on Bouncin' Back.
You can't do nothing about it, it’s Gods will that’s just how life be
One day it hit 'cha then it’s gone
And I'm serious and you ain't never even gone feel it until it hit home
That's when the pain run sharper and deeper
You ain't eatin’ that's when the days feel slow and long
I know you miss 'em so it's time to uplift 'em
Try to pick the pieces up and find a way to drive on

We must not dwell on the loss of James' air mattress and the pain he will feel from sleeping on the floor, but of all the good times. We must cherish these memories of warmth and being cradled a foot from the floor in the soft cloud called Aerobed.

The death of the Aerobed will hopefully usher in a new beginning with the birth of a real bed, or at least a platform bed mattress on the floor with the dream of the coming platform bed.

But until then I only have the floor and my dreams of...

...the after world. A world of never-ending happiness. You can always see the sun, day...or night.


I have a headache this morning. I never get headaches. I am blaming it on lack of coffee in my system. This headache has me thinking...

The following are things that I have become addicted to in the few months that I have lived in New York City:

  • Degrassi, The Next Generation - oh, oh, oh what a little unemployment can doo oo oo
  • Coffee, Iced/Hot/Black/Latte - whatever, I just need it to function, now.
  • Gilmore Girls - some office gossip put this one on my DVR heavy rotation.
  • Kanye West - I love this man. Late Registration is genius.
  • Brooklyn Lager - ok, I'm not "addicted" and I hardly ever drink, but when I do, this is my beer of choice.
  • Wonderfalls - (thank you, commenter, for reminding me) why was this show cancelled!!?

They are all healthy addictions, yes? None are being abused. Well, maybe the coffee...

Guys by College

I've decided to survey the guys I have met or dated since moving to New York City by alma mater. This includes multiple schools for single individuals (i.e. undergrad and grad):

  1. Virginia Commonwealth University
  2. University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
  3. Yale University
  4. Yeshiva University
  5. State University of New York - Geneseo
  6. University of Virginia
  7. University of Notre Dame
  8. Hunter College
  9. University of Michigan
  10. University of Florida
  11. Marymount College
  12. Hampshire College
  13. University of Florida
I reserve the right to add those forgotten at a later date.