Sick Leave

I've been sick since Sunday! So that is why I am not talking. I went to work on Sunday thinking that I had a hangover from three beers and when the afternoon came around and I was feeling worse and shivering, I figured I must be running a fever.

I woke up Monday with a terrible sore throat and my left eye swollen shut. Pink eye! I looked it up online, as my health insurance does not start for a couple more weeks. Viral Conjunctivitus. Apparently, it is all the rage.

Well, my eye was halfway decent on Tuesday and to save myself from dying from boredom, I went to work.

Today, it seems normal, but it is my day off anyway so I am just lounging around anyway.

I am working another reception tonight! Holler for money!

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Kiddo78 said...

I hope you feel better! My eye is watering now. Thanks!