I'll have a Vodka Tonic with a squeeze of Design Show Opening

I've been drunk at work twice this week. Ok, ok, maybe not drunk but I had a few good drinks.

Let me clarify. Tuesday night, there was an Exhibition Opening reception for Museum employees and Trustees. I was reluctant to go and was eventually talked into it. I agreed to stay for only 30-40 minutes. Four drinks and two hours later, I was catching the subway home.

Open bar. Top shelf liquors. Some really good (vegetarian) hors d'oeuvres. Holler!

Fast forward to Saturday night, I signed up with Special Events to work extra hours and was a "Drink Monitor." Basically, I stood at an assigned gallery entrance and made sure no one took their drinks inside. At breaktime, you basically become a guest and go to the bar and order drinks and eat the hors d'oeuvres. Then, you go back to your post and the night gets a whole lot better. Also, when one of your friends takes their break, they will bring you drinks, too. So you end up telling people they can't take their drinks any further as you take a sip of your vodka tonic.

Good times, good times.

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Kiddo78 said...

Drinking at work? I love it. I'd probably start yelling at someone, though, and get fired.