A Christmas List

My mother has requested a Christmas list for items I can open on Christmas day that will fit in my bags when I return home. These items usually consist of CDs and DVDs. There are some CDs I have on the list this time, too. But also clothing accessories (I won't let my mom buy me the actual clothing) and footwear (socks and shoes). There isn't much else I want/need that I can get in my suitcases.

Since I am going to Florida for the holidays, I will be taking very little clothing so I may, indeed, return home with more stuff that I came, gifts and belongings alike. I have come to miss my CD collection the most and it pains me to know that they are all boxed up. Much like R. Kelly is trapped in the closet (and painfully making us aware of it), my CDs are housed in my Mother's foyer closet.

Along with these personal possessions, coming back with me will be what I really want for Christmas, The Reverend Ritz Hootboobley MacDougall. Yes, bitches, my cat has schooled herself into a reverend while at Brother's Work Camp in North Central Florida. Prepare to be saved come the New Year, New York.
The Reverend Hoot is preachin'!


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