The Unveiling

Biscuit Likker is an absolute must read. In fact, if you have to make a choice between my blog and Peggy Jean's blog, please choose hers.

I am proud to say she is my friend.

A great dinner party "ice breaker" I have found in my travels is to go around the table (or floor) and tell stories about your host/ess regarding your first meeting, or a funny occurrence, etc.

So, since I have eaten many a Peggy Jean meal (jealous, bitches?!), Waiting to Derail will revere the great Woman behind the new addition to this thing called the "blogosphere":

Peggy Jean and I met when I was just an egg of a gay man, patiently awaiting my fertilization and growth in the Gardens of Palm Beach. I would watch and listen, bright eyed and bushy tailed as my father liked to say, to the party going-ons and conversations arising about leather and wildlife. I would partake in the delicious food and meet intriguing and thought-provoking people.

She is an Artist, a Chef, and now she reveals a Writer, too. She knows her vernacular and wields it triumphantly in everything she does.

When I think of people I look up to and respect, my heroes if you will, I think of those that I have learned from the most.

Peggy Jean, from you I learn simply by watching.


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peggy jean said...

so this explains why you look so good in flannel and birkenstocks: you've been watching me.

your rave, james,has taken me aback and humbled me. a little. i won't lie. i do enjoy myself.

but i enjoy my friends more. how fortunate that you should hatch into your fabulous gay self in my back yard. my world would seem a tad less vibrant if you had passed me in the night.

so, if this little love soiree we have been throwing has not made every one we know throw up, i must thank you for the glowing props.

and please. never leave the blogosphere. at least not while i am still in it. you are my favorite read. and funnest read aloud.