These Are The People In My Neighborhood

The Redemption Song Man

Get on the L Train in the evening and you will see this man. He isn't homeless. He is always clean. Never foul smelling.

He is a thin black man. About five foot nine inches. In his thirties, somewhere.

"Excuse me ladies and gentleman for the interruption. I would like to sing a song for you."

Sometimes he goes on to intro the song, making it seem more profound.

"We live in hard times and this is just to let you know to keep your head up."

and he begins...

"Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery..."
He is good, well practiced. If it is your first time, you want to give money to him because you are entertained and it is well deserved.
Then, a few nights later, you see him again. Singing still the same...
"Won’t you help to sing these songs of freedom?"
...redemption songs...
...redemption songs...

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