seven things

seven things you plan to do before you die:
one) buy a house or two
two) legally marry the man i love (please inquire if interested)
three) go on many vacations
four) love
five) live
six) forgive
seven) retire

seven things you can do:
one) socialize with ladies who lunch (after all, it is my job)
two) glue and draw and other stuff i learned in college
three) flirt with absolutely anyone
four) make a mean mix cd
five) say the right thing
six) phone sex
seven) be aloof

seven things you can't do:
one) fly on gossamer wings
two) walk on water
three) wear my sunglasses at night
four) line dance
five) eat ceasar salad
six) women
seven) deadly sins

seven things that attract you to the same sex:
one) head of dark hair
two) hands and feet
three) masculine features
four) intelligence and wit
five) full lips and a nice smile
six) inches or more
seven) i like big butts and i cannot lie

seven things you say most:
one) “fuck yo couch”
two) “holla…”
three) “…and what not”
four) "that guy was just checking me out"
five) "i’ll cut you!"
six) "oh my lordness"
seven) "florida"

seven celebrity crushes:
one) johnny depp
two) johnny knoxville
three) wes bentley
four) jake gyllenhaal
five) eric bana
six) ryan reynolds
seven) chris carrabba (from dashboard confessional)

seven people you want to take this quiz:
one) anyone who has a desire for it
two) the above listed crushes
three) andy warhol
four) weddings and a funeral cast and crew
five) people with phobias to prime numbers
six) geese a laying
seven) the seventh son of a seventh son

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