Last night, I did a months worth of laundry (minus work clothes). The Lavanderia is across the street; in fact Katie (my roommate) and I have used my bright yellow you-know-I'm-gay-because-my-binocs-are-bright-yellow binoculars to see if it was busy or the hours of operation listed on the window.

So, I drag my stuff over there, towels and bathroom mat and all, and immediately notice that prices have gone up fifty cents. I am being priced out of doing my laundry! Since I have so much this time, it takes two mid-sized machines: $6.00!

As I wait, I read The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. I definitely recommend it! I tune out the Telenovelas except for two times when it sounds like porn. I look up at the television the first time and it does look like porn, the second time someone is getting murdered.
Who knew that sex and murder sounded so similar?

I rotate everything to the dryers. I go about reading the book ignoring all the families and screaming kids.

I finish, pack everything back into their bags and leave to return to my apartment and fold it all.


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