The Junkie's Tale

Perhaps you have gone to dinner or you are running errands during the day when you see him. Sickly and pale. Gaunt and haggard. About 23 years old but he looks like he is a dying man at fifty.

He is the Heroin Junkie.

He asks for money...
"Can I have a dollar?"

And when refused develops attitude...
"C'mon you can give me a 'bout a quarter?"

I make sure he hears my no, that he knows it is not ok to come any closer.

I know he will ask next time he sees me.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i'm scared of the heroin junkie. i've only seen him when i'm with you, and even then i'm really nervous. he gets angry, and i don't deal well with angry confrontations.

what annoys me about people who ask you for money to feed their drug or alcohol addiction is that they don't stop to think how i've been saving up myself to buy some drugs or alcohol. well, maybe i have. they don't know! get your own damn drug fund bitch!