Suspicious Package

After I ate lunch, I left my office to go the the street to read a bit in the public space across the street. I began to exit through the employee entrance at 11 53rd Street, only, my plan was twarted by a security guard telling me that I had to exit the building in the Lobby. Again, in the Lobby, I was told to exit through the Bookstore entrance. I made my way through the Bookstore and followed the police line across the street to the public space and sat down and started to read.

Twenty minutes later, the police began evacuating the public space and I quickly made my way through the crowd back to the Bookstore entrance and back to my office to get this email:

"The NYPD has closed 53 street while they investigate a package at the curb near the 11 west entrance. If you are leaving for lunch Please exit the building from the 54 street museum entrance or the 25 west office tower entrance. There is no need to evacuate the building. We will keep you informed of all developments."

I went back upstairs to find several areas off limits to both staff and visitors such as the Employee Entrance Lobby at 11 53rd, The Modern Restaurant, and the Sculpture Garden.

For the next hour, I sat with the Volunteers directing Visitors with normal everyday concerns until I noticed the Sculpture Garden open again.

I went back to my office to find this email:

"The suspicious package has been properly identified as clothes in a suitcase. 53 street is reopened to the public. Please resume normal activities. Thank you for your cooperation."

What an exciting Two Month Anniversary of living in NYC today was.

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