New Jersey is My Good Luck Charm Vol. 4

When waiting to hear if you have gotten a job, it is hard to continue job searching. There is something there that is saying, “You’ll jinx it, STOP!” So, I did it minimally and by the time Thursday came around, I was a wreck.

“What if they don’t call?” I thought. I had not made any interviews for the following week. There was nothing, just another beginning of a job search.

Jessica came to Williamsburg Thursday night and she, Katie, and I went to El Moderno for dinner, ironically fitting.

Jessica spent the night and we went to New Jersey when we woke up for more of her work errands.

Once again jetting around NJ with Jessica on interstates and turnpikes, HR at the museum called me, only this time they offered me the position.

My first day at The Museum of Modern Art is 8 August at 9:30 AM.

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Erik said...

woo hoo!