New Jersey is My Good Luck Charm Vol. 3

Monday came and I went to an interview at Whole Foods that sounded fun, but I couldn’t afford to do that full-time.

My museum interview was scheduled at 4:30 PM and was said to be only about a half-hour long. Again, I took the L Train from my house to Union Square and switched to the 6. I got off at 51st Street which conveniently has an exit at 53rd and Lexington. I walked west on 53rd, past Lever House which always puts me in a good mood. Such great respite from midtown monotony. I arrived at 4:20 PM, slightly sweaty, and not within my 20 minute cool down period.

The Assistant Director of Visitor Services came to collect me from the lobby with a wonderful smile. She led me down into the “bowels” of the museum, as the administrative offices have not settled fully since the move. We went down quite a ways, chit-chatting and as we approached another door a man came through.

“Hi Glenn.” She said.
As we went through the door, I replied “Wow! You weren’t kidding!” referring to the Administrative Offices being in the bowels of the museum since the door we just went through was to an emergency fire stairwell and the man that had just come through them was the Director of the Museum.
“Wait.” And we stopped, she added “You know who that is?”
“Yes.” I said, smiling. “I did my homework and went on the website last night.”

We arrived at the rather make-shift office set-up and I met the Volunteer Coordinator, also smiling greatly, warm and friendly.

The occurrence was repeated for the Volunteer Coordinator.

The interview lasted a good 50 minutes instead of the predetermined 30. It went so well that I didn’t want it to end. I wanted to go to dinner with these ladies. They said they had one more interview the following day and would be making their decision by end-of-week.

I was walked out with more friendly banter and I knew that I had nailed it.


jamesdamian said...

Click on the Lever House link in the post to see a great historical photo!

cola boy said...

Good luck on the interviews. And thanks for visiting by my blog!

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