New Jersey is My Good Luck Charm Vol. 1

Two Thursdays ago, I went with Jessica on some of her work errands in New Jersey.

Jessica’s work errands would be less than exciting for most, but I am broke and have no job which facilitates only mind numbing internet searches for jobs, and more realistically porn. So, I jump at the chance to leave the apartment and sit in a car seat, as it is only me and my floor in my unfurnished apartment. And that just makes my back hurt.

It is amazing how quickly New York City becomes New Jersey suburbs. It is a bridge over the Hudson and there is a 7 Eleven with the worlds biggest parking lot, quaint New England houses lining the sidewalk-less streets, and trees. Oh, how I miss trees.

That particular week I was feeling especially lousy for not having a job and went on a rampage of electronic-resume-sending and applying for all sorts of jobs I am perfect for to never hear back from. That Wednesday for example, I was on the website of a large New York City museum. I saw a job posting that looked as if I was qualified. How I felt qualified is beyond me, it was only a title, no description. I applied for it in a fit of rage, forgoing all the niceties of completely filling out their online application and attaching cover letter. I simply attached my MS Word document resume and put the position title I was interested in the appropriate box. Not following their rules was me taking revenge saying “Screw you Human Resources,” for having to do so so many other times and never even getting a courtesy reply.

Back to Thursday in New Jersey: driving about in the Toyota Prius on I-95 and I-80, the Museum’s HR department called me. “We’d like you to come in for an interview”, he said. Thoughts bubbling in my head of “Are you kidding? You weren’t suppose to call me!” It feels like that really hot guy at some bar that you talked to and slipped your number called a few days later to ask you out. “Yes, of course,” I say, “when?”



Kiddo78 said...

Good for you!! I've got my fingers crossed for ya...I spent a month this summer not working. It was fabulous, but good to feel "productive" again (as I sit here blogging instead of calling candidates...)

Jdog said...

Wow, good luck with the interview!