Rothko Tuesday

Walking through the Galleries alone is GREAT! All you hear is the cracking of the floor boards as you walk through.

Suspicious Package

After I ate lunch, I left my office to go the the street to read a bit in the public space across the street. I began to exit through the employee entrance at 11 53rd Street, only, my plan was twarted by a security guard telling me that I had to exit the building in the Lobby. Again, in the Lobby, I was told to exit through the Bookstore entrance. I made my way through the Bookstore and followed the police line across the street to the public space and sat down and started to read.

Twenty minutes later, the police began evacuating the public space and I quickly made my way through the crowd back to the Bookstore entrance and back to my office to get this email:

"The NYPD has closed 53 street while they investigate a package at the curb near the 11 west entrance. If you are leaving for lunch Please exit the building from the 54 street museum entrance or the 25 west office tower entrance. There is no need to evacuate the building. We will keep you informed of all developments."

I went back upstairs to find several areas off limits to both staff and visitors such as the Employee Entrance Lobby at 11 53rd, The Modern Restaurant, and the Sculpture Garden.

For the next hour, I sat with the Volunteers directing Visitors with normal everyday concerns until I noticed the Sculpture Garden open again.

I went back to my office to find this email:

"The suspicious package has been properly identified as clothes in a suitcase. 53 street is reopened to the public. Please resume normal activities. Thank you for your cooperation."

What an exciting Two Month Anniversary of living in NYC today was.

Celebrity Cameos

Frances Conroy was in the Museum today. Ruth from the "Six Feet Under" series.

A co-worker spoke to her briefly when she asked a question, saying that the Sculpture Garden is "magical."

So, I visited the Sculpture Garden today. My favorite is the Goat by Picasso.

Visitors Services

The first guy I dated was a lesson in all things I did not want to date.

1. He was tragically unintelligent.
2. He had badly dyed hair.
3. He dressed with a flare for style that reminds one of early 90s clublife (bad glittery club shirts, overalls).

The biggest thing was not being smart. So I broke up with him. On the phone.

I had been terribly sick for weeks and was basically homebound. I had just started back at work. He called to invite me to his company's holiday party. I declined.

He said "What am I suppose to do?"
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"Well who am I suppose to take?"
"Take someone else." I said casually, meaning one of his friends.
"But I don't want to break up with you." He replies.




Then I say "I don't feel the same way."
"What do you mean?"
"I don't think we should see each other anymore."

He protested a bit and asked me why I was doing this now (he had called me from work), then asked if we could talk about it later. I said that there was nothing else to talk about. It is the break-up that I am least proud of.

I saw him a few times over the next few months as we were in the same circle, then nothing.

I ran into him once a few years after at a bar in West Palm Beach.

and again, today, at work.

I had just gotten back from lunch and was descending the escalators that lead to my office. He was coming in from the Garden when I saw him.

"Hi Mr. James." he said flatly, like we had just seen each other days ago.
"Hey!" I waved and "I'll come back up."

I got back up and hugged him and introduced myself to his boyfriend of five years. It was short and random.

He called and left a voicemail later on giving his hotel and a number if I wanted to get together and "talk."

I didn't.

A New Discovery

Yesterday, I was sent on an errand to our graphics department on the 10th floor. As I exited the elevator and made my way along the glass wall, I glanced down and noticed a roof garden. Wow! A ROOF GARDEN! Why hadn't anyone told me about this?

This particular roof garden in fake. It is plastic rocks and bushes. There is no public access. It was meant to be viewed from adjacent buildings, particularly the Museum Tower Residential Building rising above the Museum.

Here is a good article.

Movie Quotes

Lenny Nero: His ass is so tight, when he farts only dogs can hear it.

Ralph Fiennes was in the Museum yesterday. I saw him briefly in the lobby as I decended the stairs and by the time I got down to the first floor he had dissapparated.

Voldemort is a tricky fellow...

Movie Quotes

Libby Mae Brown: What New York really is, is it's an island, with lots of people, lots of different people... I hope to maybe meet some guys, some Italian guys, and maybe watch some TV.

Posting Break

I have a headache. So, I am taking a break from posting.

So, I am sending you all to my favorite celebrity traffic accident to rubberneck:

Go Fug Yourself

Learn it. Live it. Love it.

Museum Conversations

While familiarizing myself with the Permanent Collection (i.e., looking at great art while getting paid), I overheard an elderly man analyzing and describing a Rothko for his wife's benefit. Here is my recollection:

Husband: Well, obviously that is the ground...
Wife: Oh, ok.
Husband: and this (pointing to the next block of color) is trees, bushes, and things on the ground...
Wife: Oh...
Husband: and this is the sky.
Wife: What is that purple square above the sky?
Husband: Well, that must be atmosphere and space.
Wife: Oh, well now I get it.

It was rather heartfelt and humorous to hear someone so erroneously describe the painting. Turning to them to tell them what it really was that they were looking at wasn't what needed to be done.

The husband saw that his wife needed something to appreciate the color field of canvas, or to justify spending $20.00 a ticket to get into the museum to see such kinds of work, and he provided it the best he could.

Lucky Lucky Lucky

In celebration of my first week on the job, I give you the lyrics to my favorite Futureheads song, "First Day". They ROCK! You should buy their album. BUY IT!

Welcome to your new job, hope you have a wonderful first day
We are so happy to have you join the team, you are so lucky on your first day
And they say:
This is the job that people die for, i hope you're ready for the next stage
Alot of people work in the same place, don't let them get in your way
Dinner time you go to the cantine, you make a new friend at the dinner break
You like to talk when you're eating, but today you listen to him
And he says like it or not, you have to do what they say
And it is something that you would like to talk about, but it's only your first day
And they say:
This is the job that people die for, i hope you're ready for the next stage
Alot of people work in the same place, don't let them get in your way
And they say faster faster
It's time to take you to the next stage, but it's only your first day
And you're not ready for the next stage
And they say faster faster
It's time to take you to the next stage, and it is something that you would like to talk about
But it's only your first day(first day), you are so lucky on your first day (first day)
You feel so happy on your first day (fisrt day), you are so lucky on your first day (first day)
This is the job that people die for, i hope you're ready for the next stage
Alot of people work in the same place, don't let them get in your way
Welcome to your new job (first day), hope you have a wonderful first day (first day)
We are so happy to have you join the team (first day), you are so lucky on your first day (first day)
Lucky lucky lucky on your first day
Lucky lucky lucky on your first day
Lucky lucky lucky on your first day

Day One and Day Two

I feel like one of the luckiest people around. My first day on the job and I am told to go through the galleries to orient myself with the Museum and artwork. What a great place to work.

It was really crowded Monday and I was again asked if I wanted to take some time to go through them today since there are no visitors on Tuesdays. But I didn't, so I may ask to go through tomorrow on a slower time of the day.

I saw some all-time favorite artists on my first go-around though...


Letters to Yoko: Post Script

P.S.: I saw you again on Sunday, as I walked through Strawberry Fields. I called out your name but you looked pre-occupied and not wanting to be bothered.

I wanted to invite you to the free M.I.A. concert at Summerstage.

Too bad you were in a mood. It was amazing. Jessica, Katie and I loved it!

Galang, galang, galang! Call me if you want to hang.

Letters to Yoko

Dear Yoko,

It was great running into you at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Friday. Your insight on the designs of Chanel made the exhibition very enjoyable. I’m glad that you had time to visit the Modern Art galleries and the Egyptian temple with Katie, Lisa, and me. We enjoyed your company.

Your knowledge on Richard Diebenkorn was astounding. I never knew you were such an expert on Abstract Expressionist landscapes, and our subsequent conversation on your involvement in the Fluxus movement was educational.

The fact that you never took off your white Ray-Bans was spellbinding. I definitely want to get a pair myself.

I hope that we can hang out again soon.

Love and best wishes,

New Jersey is My Good Luck Charm: The Soundtrack

1. Sufjan Stevens - They Are Night Zombies
2. Gorillaz – Feel Good, Inc
3. Lali Puna – B-Movie
4. The Arcade Fire – Rebellion (Lies)
5. Fiona Apple – Extraordinary Machine
6. The Flaming Lips – Bohemian Rhapsody
7. Lali Puna – Small Things
8. Lali Puna – People I Know
9. The Bravery – Honest Mistake
10. Hot Hot Heat – Middle of Nowhere
11. Lali Puna – Together in Electric Dreams
12. Mason Jennings – Ballad for My One True Love

13. Sufjan Stevens - Come On Feel the Illinoise
14. Sufjan Stevens – The Dress Looks Nice on You
15. The Arcade Fire – Neighborhoods #4 (Kettles)
16. Conjure One feat. Poe - Center of the Sun
17. Elkland – Apart
18. Mason Jennings – Century Spring
19. Pedro the Lion – A Simple Plan
20. Sufjan Stevens – Romulus
21. Sufjan Stevens – Chicago
22. Sufjan Stevens – Jacksonville
23. The White Stripes – Blue Orchid
24. The Arcade Fire – Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
25. The Arcade Fire – Une Anneé Sans Lumiere

New Jersey is My Good Luck Charm Vol. 4

When waiting to hear if you have gotten a job, it is hard to continue job searching. There is something there that is saying, “You’ll jinx it, STOP!” So, I did it minimally and by the time Thursday came around, I was a wreck.

“What if they don’t call?” I thought. I had not made any interviews for the following week. There was nothing, just another beginning of a job search.

Jessica came to Williamsburg Thursday night and she, Katie, and I went to El Moderno for dinner, ironically fitting.

Jessica spent the night and we went to New Jersey when we woke up for more of her work errands.

Once again jetting around NJ with Jessica on interstates and turnpikes, HR at the museum called me, only this time they offered me the position.

My first day at The Museum of Modern Art is 8 August at 9:30 AM.

New Jersey is My Good Luck Charm Vol. 3

Monday came and I went to an interview at Whole Foods that sounded fun, but I couldn’t afford to do that full-time.

My museum interview was scheduled at 4:30 PM and was said to be only about a half-hour long. Again, I took the L Train from my house to Union Square and switched to the 6. I got off at 51st Street which conveniently has an exit at 53rd and Lexington. I walked west on 53rd, past Lever House which always puts me in a good mood. Such great respite from midtown monotony. I arrived at 4:20 PM, slightly sweaty, and not within my 20 minute cool down period.

The Assistant Director of Visitor Services came to collect me from the lobby with a wonderful smile. She led me down into the “bowels” of the museum, as the administrative offices have not settled fully since the move. We went down quite a ways, chit-chatting and as we approached another door a man came through.

“Hi Glenn.” She said.
As we went through the door, I replied “Wow! You weren’t kidding!” referring to the Administrative Offices being in the bowels of the museum since the door we just went through was to an emergency fire stairwell and the man that had just come through them was the Director of the Museum.
“Wait.” And we stopped, she added “You know who that is?”
“Yes.” I said, smiling. “I did my homework and went on the website last night.”

We arrived at the rather make-shift office set-up and I met the Volunteer Coordinator, also smiling greatly, warm and friendly.

The occurrence was repeated for the Volunteer Coordinator.

The interview lasted a good 50 minutes instead of the predetermined 30. It went so well that I didn’t want it to end. I wanted to go to dinner with these ladies. They said they had one more interview the following day and would be making their decision by end-of-week.

I was walked out with more friendly banter and I knew that I had nailed it.

New Jersey is My Good Luck Charm Vol. 2

Not only did my first foray into NJ take me to my first ever visit to IKEA, it got me two interviews at really rad places. (by the way, rad is totally coming back, so use it).

You can read the post “Weekend Update” to hear about my first interview with the museum.

It was the best interview I’ve ever had in my life. I have a crush on the HR guy, now.

So, he said “To be safe let’s give it a long time, 2 weeks, if you don’t hear back give them [the department people] a call.”

I left the museum and a few hours later was called by the department people to schedule a second interview for the following Monday.

New Jersey is My Good Luck Charm Vol. 1

Two Thursdays ago, I went with Jessica on some of her work errands in New Jersey.

Jessica’s work errands would be less than exciting for most, but I am broke and have no job which facilitates only mind numbing internet searches for jobs, and more realistically porn. So, I jump at the chance to leave the apartment and sit in a car seat, as it is only me and my floor in my unfurnished apartment. And that just makes my back hurt.

It is amazing how quickly New York City becomes New Jersey suburbs. It is a bridge over the Hudson and there is a 7 Eleven with the worlds biggest parking lot, quaint New England houses lining the sidewalk-less streets, and trees. Oh, how I miss trees.

That particular week I was feeling especially lousy for not having a job and went on a rampage of electronic-resume-sending and applying for all sorts of jobs I am perfect for to never hear back from. That Wednesday for example, I was on the website of a large New York City museum. I saw a job posting that looked as if I was qualified. How I felt qualified is beyond me, it was only a title, no description. I applied for it in a fit of rage, forgoing all the niceties of completely filling out their online application and attaching cover letter. I simply attached my MS Word document resume and put the position title I was interested in the appropriate box. Not following their rules was me taking revenge saying “Screw you Human Resources,” for having to do so so many other times and never even getting a courtesy reply.

Back to Thursday in New Jersey: driving about in the Toyota Prius on I-95 and I-80, the Museum’s HR department called me. “We’d like you to come in for an interview”, he said. Thoughts bubbling in my head of “Are you kidding? You weren’t suppose to call me!” It feels like that really hot guy at some bar that you talked to and slipped your number called a few days later to ask you out. “Yes, of course,” I say, “when?”